VLCC Pediglow Hand and Foot Cleanser Reviews


VLCC Pediglow hand and foot cleanser Reviews

Hello friends, I have being reviewing with some VLCC products in my last few posts, which shows my love for the brand. I love the manicure and pedicure kit what VLCC has provided, and I have already reviewed the scrub and tan pack earlier. In this post I would be reviewing VLCC pediglow hand and foot cleanser which is enriched with soap nut and margosa plant. Let’s start reviewing this product in detail so you can to know how good this product is.

VLCC Pediglow Hand and Foot Cleanser

VLCC Pediglow Hand and Foot Cleanser

Product description

VLCC hand and foot cleanser is truly a benefited product which leaves you with smooth and soft skin. The cream is very light on application and pulls out the dirt very easily. It is in the form of gel which makes it easy to work with the cleanser. As it is enriched with soap nut and margosa plant, it proves the beneficial over skin. Margosa plant is also popularly known as Neem in India, which helps has an anti-bacterial property that keeps the skin clean and healthy. While Soap nut, nourishes the skin well and restores its hydration.

Direction to use

Clean your foot and legs before you apply the cream and leave it little wet. Take some appropriate amount of cleanser and massage it properly with the help of fingertips. This will create form after some time, add little water if the cleanser get absorbed completely. Wash off after few minutes and pat dry.

Another way to use this is put some amount in Luke warm water and mix it well. Soak your foot in the warm water and pat it dry after 15-20 minutes.

VLCC Pediglow Hand and Foot Cleanser

VLCC Pediglow Hand and Foot Cleanser


Shelf Life

3 years


140 INR (Not to be sold loose)


I loved how all these manicure and pedicure tubes are packed from VLCC. This is an opaque tube which is bright yellow and white in colour with VLCC Hand and foot cleanser written on it. The manufacturing details along with the ingredients use in mentioned behind the packaging. The tube has a flip flop cap which does not make it leak by any chance.

VLCC Pediglow Hand and Foot Cleanser

VLCC Pediglow Hand and Foot Cleanser


The cleanser comes with a running consistency, which is transparent and looks more over like gel. It has a beautiful aroma of soap nut and something refreshing. The cleanser is in gel form which makes it easy to use on skin. You don’t need to strive hard to make the cleanser blend with the skin, in fact it gets absorbed with the skin by its own. The colour is pale orange in colour.

VLCC Pediglow Hand and Foot Cleanser

VLCC Pediglow Hand and Foot Cleanser


Soap nut, Margosa plant, daruhaldi, shikakai, cinnamon, lemongrass oil, sodium lauryl ether sulphate

Pros of VLCC pediglow hand and foot cleanser

  • Good consistency
  • Refreshing aroma
  • In budget
  • Pulls out the dirt
  • Leave with soft and smooth skin
  • Fights with infection
  • Hand on expertise

Cons of VLCC pediglow hand and foot cleanser

  • Less content in the tube
VLCC Pediglow Hand and Foot Cleanser

VLCC Pediglow Hand and Foot Cleanser

My experience with VLCC pediglow hand and foot cleanser

My experience is very good with the product. I usually get prone to infections nears my feet’s due to sweat or heat sometimes. The cleanser helps to deal with the problem at its best as the margosa plant helps to fight against any bacterial infections on the skin. Moreover the soap nut helps to pull out the dirt from the inner tissue of the skin thus making it soft, smooth and healthy. The aroma offered by the cleanser is really good and refreshing and the gel like texture helps to spread easily with the skin. The biggest consequence I left with the skin is it has a little quantity, I mean you need some good amount of cleanser because of its running consistency. The cleanser can be used 5-6 times for cleaning purpose which I felt was much less. However, I loved the product and would always buy this for the wellbeing of my hand and foot.



Whether I recommend this product ??

You should not this for sensitive skin. Extremely useful for dry and combination skin.


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