VLCC Skin Defense Indian Berberry Face Scrub Review


VLCC Skin Defense Indian Berberry Face Scrub Review 

Hello every one. Let me ask you something. Which one is the most outstanding characteristic of your entire body? I am surely not referring to your attractive smile or your appealing and deep pair of eyes. You have made the right guess. I am referring to your skin. Irrespective of your complexion, whether it is dark or fair, it is your skin quality that makes all the difference. Right from the early days of human civilization, mankind has tried various skin nourishing techniques. Herbs and other natural elements were mostly used those days.

There are numerous companies and brands which are available these days. Most of them claim to be the best skin nourishment lotion. Some of them are quite in fact. In this article I am going to present a review one such item, which has proved to be very effective for skin treatment.

VLCC Skin Defense Indian Berberry  Face Scrub

VLCC Skin Defense Indian Berberry Face Scrub

  • VLCC Skin Defense

This particular product would refresh and rejuvenate your skin. It also acts as a cleanser.

How to use it: Apply the scrub on your skin and leave it for 4 to 5 minutes. Then gently massage it for 3 to 4 minutes. Do not apply it to the sensitive areas, like your eyes. After you are done with the massaging, wash your faces with mild warm water. For the best result, use it at least twice a week.

VLCC Skin Defense Indian Berberry Face Scrub

VLCC Skin Defense Indian Berberry Face Scrub

Price: As far as the price of this product is concerned, it is slightly on the higher side. However, given the quality of the product, it is worth paying for.

Ingredients: This particular product is mostly made of natural ingredients. They are –

  • 6% of Papaya seeds
  • 3% of Banana pulp
  • 5% of Margosa extract
  • 1% of Mango seed powder
  • 5% Phoenix dactilyfera
  • 2% of Trigonella -foenum graceum

Besides it also contains other ingredients like zinc oxide, corn oil, Indian Berberry and cream base

VLCC Skin Defense Indian Berberry Face Scrub

VLCC Skin Defense Indian Berberry Face Scrub


Out of all these ingredients, three of them have been used for nourishing skins for thousands of years. They are-

Indian Berberry : It is commonly known as Turmeric and is being mentioned in the Ayurveda. It has numerous healing properties

Papaya Seeds: These are known for their ability to remove black heads

Neem  Extract: Neem is known for its healing properties 

Pros and Cons-

Pros – There are numerous benefits which can be derived from this product. Some of them are:

Total skin care: The fact that it contains neem, papaya seeds and turmeric makes it a total skin care product

Softens skin: If used regularly, it will bring softness to your skin and will make it smooth

Refreshing: You will feel a refreshing sensation upon using this scrub

Fragrance: It has a mild smell to it and is very soothing

Availability: This particular product any be easily found in any store

Moisturizer: It can also be used as a moisturizing lotion

Cons – As far as drawbacks are concerned, there is virtually nothing, except for the fact that the price is on the higher side. 

Is it worth re buying?

VLCC Skin Defense Indian Berberry Face Scrub

VLCC Skin Defense Indian Berberry Face Scrub

Of course it is. With the presence of so many natural ingredients, this product is one of the best available skin nourishment scrubs in the market.

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    Nice detailed post..

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    I like vlcc producs!

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    Looks like a good product to try!!

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    Does it help with removal of black heads??

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    Should we use on wet face or dry face? The reason why am asking is if we would have apply on dry face after 4 min it becomes like hard so could not able message on face.Please respond

    • pearl

      scrubs are always used best on wet skin. You can moisten your hands if the product dries and massage again.