Vov Glam Shine Trio Blusher Reviews


Vov Glam Shine Trio Blusher Reviews

Hello my dear ladies, I am quite a healthy person who has cute and chubby cheeks, and I love to put on rouge on my cheeks a lot! Usually on small occasions or day parties I love to apply only rouge to my cheeks (it gives a kind of natural looking makeup) also I do not feel to do any kind of heavy or bold makeup on my face. Well today’s article is about one of my favorite palette of rouge from VOV! Talking about the brand, the VOV brand is not that famous but is easily available in any local shop nearby. The products from this brand are really good and provide a lasting effect. Though I do not see any advertisement of this brand anywhere but still most of the people know about this cheap and best cosmetic brand. The palette contains 3 beautiful shades of rouge. The effects are equally good. Please read further for more details about this product.

Vov Glam Shine Trio Blusher

Vov Glam Shine Trio Blusher

Product description

The VOV Glam shine  trio blusher says that “Your glamorous look for any party or occasion is always incomplete with a little makeup on your lovely cheeks! This wonderful Glam shine Trio Blusher from VOV comprises of three unique and glamorous shades which provides your skin the right balance and highlight for party. It also has a mirror that allows you to use it anytime and anywhere!

Direction for use

The brush provided in the palette is best to apply this product on your face. Just simply dab some amount of rouge out of the three colors available and apply directly with the help of brush on your cheek bone moving the brush upwards. You may even mix 2 colors also.

Shelf life

2-3 years

Vov Glam Shine Trio Blusher

Vov Glam Shine Trio Blusher



Rupees 400


The packaging is really good. The color palette contains 3 different color cakes. The color cakes come in a white color palette which enables the bifurcation of the three different colors very finely. The palette also contains a small brush to apply the rouge on your skin easily. The palette also contains a big mirror which enables you to use the product anytime and anywhere.


The texture is powder based and has very fine shimmer particles which gives a natural glow to my cheek area. The rouge easily blends on my skin.

Vov Glam Shine Trio Blusher

Vov Glam Shine Trio Blusher

Key ingredients

Mentioned below

Vov Glam Shine Trio Blusher

Vov Glam Shine Trio Blusher

Pros of Vov glam shine trio blusher.

  • It provides 3 different shades in one palette.
  • It provides you a big mirror to give an ease to apply the rouge anytime and anywhere.
  • The rouge contains shimmer particles
  • The brush inside the palette allows the color to blend easily all over the cheek area.
  • The quantity is really good
  • The locking system of the palette is new and trendy
  • The rouge stays for a long period on my skin

Cons of Vov glam shine trio blusher.

  • Couldn’t find any :)
Vov Glam Shine Trio Blusher

Vov Glam Shine Trio Blusher

My experience with Vov glam shine trio blusher.

The product provides me with a really good experience to share. The 1st color of rouge is a bit of candy shade. This color gives a very nice and cute effect on my cheeks. I generally use this color during day time. The 2nd color of the palette is brown I can even call it as a bronze which gives a really nice effect with a contrasting lipstick. Well, I also use this color on to my legs too! Whenever I wear short clothes to enhance my beautiful legs. The 3rd color is in a bit darker tone than the 1st one or you can say it is perfect rouge for a fair complexion. All the colors are equally good. And stay up to 3-4 hours. Blends well with each other.



Whether I would recommend this product again?

Yes. As I am a rogue lover and this is surely a good budgeted product.


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