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VOV Lip and Eye Makeup Remover Review

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Removing your makeup is as important a ritual as applying it on. When you leave your eye makeup on for extended periods, like throughout the night it can cause adverse effects on the soft skin of your eyes. It can clog the pores, and even cause the underlying dirt to be trapped inside leading to dark circles and skin darkening. This is why you need to remove it all with a few swipes of cotton ball soaked in VOV Lip and Eye Makeup Remover.

Lip makeup can stop your lips from breathing. If you keep on lipstick throughout the day, sooner rather than later, you’ll lose the rosy charm and the natural glow of your lips. Remove smudge proof lipstick and glitter with the use of this make up remover.

VOV Lip and Eye Makeup Remover

VOV Lip and Eye Makeup Remover

Product Description:

It’s a two phase makeup remover, that is, it is a mixture of water as well as oil based liquids. Its two layer formula is effective in removing any kind of make up in a quick and gentle fashion. Also the ingredients used have been chosen carefully so they do not damage the delicate skin around your eyes. It’s a clear gel based formula that doesn’t need much a lot of fuss to be made over it. A few swipes and you’re done.

VOV Lip and Eye Makeup Remover

VOV Lip and Eye Makeup Remover

How to Use:

Shake the bottle vigorously to mix up the two layers of the fluids before you even think of applying anything. Drop some onto a cotton swab and swipe gently across your eyes. Don’t need to rub hard, the solution is effective enough if you keep it on for 10 seconds before doing any kind of swabbing. When removing waterproof mascara, it is recommended to leave it for a bit more time. Same is the case with waterproof lipsticks and lip balms. Just apply a little to some linen and rub off your lipstick.

VOV Lip and Eye Makeup Remover

VOV Lip and Eye Makeup Remover



  • Good value for money
  • It’s very gentle on the eyes
  • It doesn’t cloud your eyes or make them sweaty
  • Its caring formula doesn’t sting your eyes one bit
  • Removes stubborn makeup like kajal without much effort
  • Doesn’t oil up your skin? In fact it actually helps maintain the moisture content of your skin.
  • Suited for people whose eyes are sensitive
  • No more vigorous rubbing which leave your eyes sore and red.

    VOV Lip and Eye Makeup Remover

    VOV Lip and Eye Makeup Remover


There might be a slight irritation if you use it in places where there are pre existing rashes or other dermatological conditions eczema

And try not to get it into your eyes, because it hurts like crazy then.

Will I use it again?

Of course I will. I mean why not? It’s a makeup remover. I like to go to sleep feeling fresh and relaxed. Having heavy eye makeup on doesn’t exactly fit my description of relaxation. Plus it is quite affordable. If you can afford make up, you should definitely have a makeup remover as well.

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