VOV Lipstick in the Shade Cabernet Reviews


VOV Lipstick in the Shade Cabernet Reviews

Hi girls, hope you all are doing well. So today I am going to review a lipstick from the brand VOV, it is one such brand about which we have heard a lot but are not so sure about purchasing because of the low price, I was of the same view too, but then suddenly out of the blue I saw this cute VOV lipstick case and decided to buy it. So read on to know if you should give it a try or no!

VOV Lipstick in the Shade Cabernet

VOV Lipstick in the Shade Cabernet

Product Description of VOV lipstick in the shade cabernet

There is no such description mentioned on the lipstick case.

Direction for Use

This lipstick is a little dry, when applied directly over your lips. So I suggest you use a lip balm beneath it. If you have flaky lips, it is a must to exfoliate your lips before using this lipstick or else it will accentuate your dry and flaky lips.

Shelf Life

3 years

VOV Lipstick in the Shade Cabernet

VOV Lipstick in the Shade Cabernet


Price & Quantity

Rs 150


This lipstick comes in a cute crystal like plastic case. This case is transparent and you have a shade indicator at the bottom and also a sticker with the shade name, which will help you identify the shades easily. Overall the packaging is quite classy for a brand which is offering lipstick just at Rs 150, also the packaging is quite travel friendly, so full points for packaging


Texture it that one thing which enables us to decide which lippie to go for so basically it is a very important aspect. This lipstick fails miserably in the texture category, it is not at all creamy nor matte, it is rough, I guess because of the chunky glitter particles present in it. So there is lot of tugging and pulling of the lips during application.

VOV Lipstick in the Shade Cabernet

VOV Lipstick in the Shade Cabernet

Key Ingredients

Nowhere mentioned on the case, which is pretty disappointing as I would like to know what exactly goes in this lippie

Pros of VOV lipstick in the shade cabernet

  • Quite cheap
  • Many shades available
  • Pigmented
  • Odourless
  • Long lasting (staying power)

Cons of VOV lipstick in the shade cabernet

  • Quite drying on the lips
  • Accentuates dry lips
  • This particular shade has gritty glitter particles
  • These are not easily available
VOV Lipstick in the Shade Cabernet

VOV Lipstick in the Shade Cabernet

My Experience with VOV lipstick in the shade cabernet

After being attracted to the cute case, I was attracted to the shade. The shade I bought was cabernet (055) which is a dark maroon shade. I am not a huge fan of maroons and browns, but this color looked quite good. When I swatched it at the shop on my hand, the glitter particles dint feel that rough and also they were not that visible due to the store’s lighting. I came back home excited to try it on my lips and after I applied it on my lips I was horrified, the lipstick looked so dry and accentuated my dry lips too much. Also due to the presence of chunky glitter particles the application was uneven I one swipe. I needed atleast 3 swipes to cover my lips evenly but that made my lips look flakier. The next day I exfoliated my lips and then applied it, it spread quite evenly then but not as much as I expected. Coming to the staying power it lasts easily for 4-5 hours which is quite good for the price tag at which it comes, the pigmentation is superb, one swipe is all I need to cover my pigmented lips



Whether I would recommend VOV lipstick in the shade cabernet

I would not recommend this particular shade only because of the presence of those horrible gritty glitter particles but you can surely try the ones with no glitter, because apart from the glitter part this lipsticks were quite good for 150 Rs, I will surely try the other shades available.


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  • veronica

    amazing packaging …

  • aaditi

    Loved the shade!!!

  • neetu

    wish it was glitter free.

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    where can i buy this?