VOV Metallic Lipstick Long Stay V22 Reviews


VOV Metallic Lipstick Long Stay V22 Reviews

Hello pretty women! I have got a new product for all teenage girls!   No offence with those who are not a teenager any more, it is just that this brand “VOV” sounds more of a teenage thing!  If I talk about the brand, I did not really think it would impress me much but to my surprise, it did.  I got a new lipstick shade for my lips the name of the shade is not mentioned, according to me it is dark brown. Shade number is “V22″ the packaging seems very cool and trendy to me. Brown or rust brown has always been my favorite color, and while choosing any makeup product” I prefer choosing a product that has a rusty tinted tone. So therefore, my reason was clear behind buying this shade from VOV. The shade is super awesome and has brought good results on my lips please read further.

VOV Metallic Lipstick Long Stay V22

VOV Metallic Lipstick Long Stay V22

Product description

VOV has a wide range starting with shades of nail colors to lip shades you may choose any for every mood and occasion. In VOV Metallic lipstick long stay we have got all new shades from dazzling reds to pretty pinks. These shades are so trendy and beautiful that you cannot stop buying more.

Direction for use

The lipstick has enough moisture content in itself so there is no need of applying any lip balm underneath. Just directly apply the lipstick on your lips, the buttery content in the lip color helps to give a natural shine to the lips. For best application start from the center of your lips.

Shelf life

30 months

VOV Metallic Lipstick Long Stay V22

VOV Metallic Lipstick Long Stay V22



240 rupees (vary a lot)


The lip color comes in an attractive metallic light purple color tube. The cap of the lipstick tucks well on the tube, the inner tube is also made up of good silver metal which is wide enough to allow the lip color to come out easily. It comes in a 4.3 ml.


The texture is smooth due to the butter present in the lipstick. Well the color blends well with the lips and leave well moisturized, shiny and glossy lips. It has no smell! (I wished it had a peach or any other fruit smell).

VOV Metallic Lipstick Long Stay V22

VOV Metallic Lipstick Long Stay V22

Key ingredients

Not mentioned

Pros of VOV Metallic lipstick long stay V22

The lipstick is Light in weight and easy to carry

  • The lip color has good moisture content so no need of lip balm
  • This is Easy to carry on lips
  • The Dark brown Shade complements almost all skin tones
  • Costs less
  • The lipstick glides smoothly on my lips.

Cons of VOV Metallic lipstick long stay V22

  • Does not contain any smell!
  • This lipstick might not be a good option while summer season
    VOV Metallic Lipstick Long Stay V22

    VOV Metallic Lipstick Long Stay V22

My experience with VOV Metallic lipstick long stay V22

I do not remember exactly that when I purchased this lip color. As I have mentioned above that i do not like products from VOV! There is no special reason behind it, it’s just that the products from this brand do not attract me much. Well, I have used this “dark brown” lip color quite a few times whenever I wear my favorite black dress this color complements my attire really well. The lipstick has good ingredients which are really helpful in protecting my lips just like any normal lip balm. This shade is a “girly” shade and is not too bold! It is really very easy to carry on everyday basis too! I sometimes apply a transparent gloss over it to give my lips a gloss like shine. The lip color stays for about 4 hours a day! This is really good in just 240 rupees! Also, the packaging is not at all boring rather it is really cool to carry in my bag! The metallic look of the lipstick gives a rich look to my accessory kit!

VOV Metallic Lipstick Long Stay V22

VOV Metallic Lipstick Long Stay V22



Whether I would recommend this product again?

Yes! If you like dark brown color like me! :).


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