VOV professional Mascara Reviews


VOV professional Mascara Reviews

Hello beautiful ladies, today I’m going to review professional mascara from VOV. I purchased this couple of days ago, as I was not well satisfied with the oriflame mascara which I was using previously. The thing which made me attracted was the packaging. It gives a perfect ‘wow’ to the product. Mascara has its own importance in eye makeup of a girl; it always remains incomplete without a proper mascara .Well I have applied this 4-5 times till now, so I will start reviewing my experience with VOV professional mascara.

VOV professional Mascara

VOV professional Mascara

Product description

It is long lasting black colour mascara and gives a good texture and support to the eyelashes. Initially I had problem with the mascara stick, it was slightly bend towards the end. Now I’m quite comfortable with it and found it good to stay on my eye for maximum 3-4 hours. The mascara dries off quickly and has a typical chemical smell coming out of it, which fades away after you apply. The mascara stick brush was good enough to make properly curl the eyelashes and give them a good volume.

Direction to use.

I have a habit to half open my eye and then apply mascara. The stick is bending towards the end so be careful .it gets properly adjusted with the eyelashes and then you can start applying upwards. I usually apply twice to give a proper volume to my eye lashes

VOV professional Mascara

VOV professional Mascara



As I mentioned before, I was attracted mainly because of the packaging. It is a steel coated bottle which does not even look like a mascara container. The steel coating always keeps the mascara bottle cool and away from sunlight. It has a thin blue colour strip going round the bottle. VOV is imprinted on the bottle which is very difficult to actually spot.


The mascara has good texture with dark black colour. It didn’t smudge and crashed near my eye lines. The texture is not thick nor has a running consistency, but a bit sticky one. It doesn’t fall off the stick and gets dried very soon too.

VOV professional Mascara

VOV professional Mascara

Shelf life

Actually nothing is mentioned on the bottle or the box. But is should be approximately 1-2 years.


130 Rs

Key Ingredients

Nothing is mentioned on the packaging and the bottle.

Cons of VOV professional Mascara

  • Separates your lashes easily
  • Good support
  • Makes your eyelashes long and attractive
  • Great packaging
  • Travel friendly
  • Dries quickly
  • In budget

Cons of VOV professional Mascara

  • The chemical smell
  • I needed a straight line brush on the stick
  • Made my lashes heavy
    VOV professional Mascara

    VOV professional Mascara

My experience with VOV professional Mascara

I brought this home and I was very eager to know about the product output. I just tried this at home and observed its behavior on my eyelashes. Overall it was good; it fried quickly and was good for about 2-3 hours. I hated the chemical smell the bottle offers but it fades away once you have applied. The eyelashes looked beautiful and longer even, but felt it was heavy for my lashes to hold the mascara. No doubt, it made you eyelashes attractive but I removed it after few hours as my eyelashes were really uncomfortable. The mascara also separated the eye lashes well and didn’t smudge on application. A good product overall, satisfied worth the price.

VOV professional Mascara

VOV professional Mascara


3.5/5 (because of the strong chemical smell and my heavier lashes)

Whether I recommend this product or not

You can try this, I have a chemical smell allergy so focused on that part, if you don’t have any such allergies you can buy the VOV professional mascara. Talking about behavior with eyelashes, it depends and varies from girl to girl.


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