Vridhi Really Fair Fairness Cream Reviews


Vridhi Really Fair Fairness Cream Reviews

Greetings, femme fatales,

Here’s another product that was accidentally brought to my attention from someone dear. Since my skin has the tendency to tan much too easily, a cousin of mine recommended this Vridhi Really Fair Fairness Cream a while ago. I did have my doubts about it since the last fairness cream that I tried caused my skin to erupt into hives and caused endless maybe. But I was placated with the advice that only herbal products were used in the making so I decided to give it a try. The effects did take a while to show but it seemed well worth it. The skin did not tan as much due to the SPF 15 protection and even brightened up a bit in the course of time.

Vridhi Really Fair Fairness Cream

Vridhi Really Fair Fairness Cream

Product Description :

The Vridhi Really Fair Fairness Cream comes in a small, easy to use jar like container with the appropriate ingredients and instructions for use printed on its side.

How to Use:

The Vridhi Really Fair Fairness Cream has a multitude of uses varying from providing protection from the sun, skin fairness, removing skin blemishes and even providing a base for makeup to make it stay longer. To use, make sure your skin is nice and dry and then dip your finger In the cream. Apply the cream evenly along every inch of your skin and generous use of it does no harm since the products used are all natural. So don’t worry about getting your skin damaged. Can be best used for removing marks, blemishes and certain pigmentations that may ravage your skin.

Vridhi Really Fair Fairness Cream

Vridhi Really Fair Fairness Cream

Shelf Life:

2 years.


Rs. 350 for 50g


The product comes in a carton which holds the jar of the cream. He same list of ingredients and the instructions that are provided in the jar are also printed on the carton.

Vridhi Really Fair Fairness Cream

Vridhi Really Fair Fairness Cream



The texture of the product is a nice, chilling creamy substance that easily gets coated over your skin before getting instantly absorbed into your pores within minutes, therby lasting for a considerable time.

Key Ingredients:

Licorice, Aloe Vera, Saffron, Vitamin B.

Vridhi Really Fair Fairness Cream

Vridhi Really Fair Fairness Cream

Pros of Vridhi Really Fair Fairness Cream

  •  Easy to use at home or when going out.
  •  Gives you a beautiful glow that keeps your fresh and going for the rest of the day.
  •  Reasonably priced considering it’s an herbal product.
  • Compact and portable product.
  •  Nice, mild appreciative smell.
  •  UV protection.

Cons of Vridhi Really Fair Fairness Cream

• Rise in humidity causes the cream to sort of turn fluid and makes you sweat a lot. Did not enjoy that experience.

My experience with Vridhi Really Fair Fairness Cream

I really do enjoy using this product on a day to day basis as stated since for once, I’ve noticed a slight and gradually fading of the dark makes that line the sides of my neck due to the wearing of ornaments. It’s also given my skin a major fairness boost when compared to a few of the other skin creams that I’ve gotten my hands on. It gives you a quick, clean and effective protective coat that stays on for the rest of the day with no extra touch ups required.

Vridhi Really Fair Fairness Cream

Vridhi Really Fair Fairness Cream




Would totally recommend for use if you’re willing to invest the time and energy to use this product efficiently as stated in the instructions. Is not advisable if you’re looking for a ‘get fair in a day’ kind of magic because trust me, this isn’t for you.


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