Watches Timepieces


Watches Timepieces : The Evergreen Accessory

Hi everyone. With the festive seasons round the corner, it’s time to renovate your style taste with some attractive and trendy wrist watches along your charming attire.

Wrist watches are such accessories that reflect your impression over others. Every single person has their on disposition.  Trendy sports watches and formal wrist watches are the latest trend. But trust me. I love to go around casual and therefore I prefer sports watches over any other type of wrist watches. They are non feasible and mostly goes with any kind of attire.

Watches Timepieces

Watches Timepieces

You always try to look glamorous to make a good impression on other people. Sophistication is another vital point that is greatly needed in jewelry and watches. For me, a nice unisex writ watch is also a necessary ornament, which is a suitable object to adorn a woman.

Watches Timepieces

Watches Timepieces

Choosing the right wrist watch

For many, choosing a perfect watch often seems to be havoc issue, when you are unsure about the type of style statement you want to adopt. As per my opinion, a suitable timepiece for female should neither have a big, nor too small dial. The size of the wrist watches often determines the convention and the discipline. In such cases, I always prefer slim fit timepieces for a slim wrist. A glossy and shinny wrist band often describes the sophistication level.

I have an urge of collecting timepieces since my teenage. My wardrobe has a special place for these junks I’ve been collecting since years. My collection of watches varies from Vogue to Tommy Hilfiger and from Rado to Gucci.

Watches Timepieces

Watches Timepieces


When I’ve to attend an evening party, with several social interactions, I always prefer a round dial slim fit wrist watch with a slim and glossy wrist band. Since I’ve a slim wrist, I always prefer slim fit formal watches for these types of occasions. I have a golden Titan Raga slim fit timepiece, specially ordered for these types of social occasions.

Nevertheless, I’ve different taste, when am out with my pals for clubbing. You cannot stick to the same taste as you have been in a social occasion. When you are out clubbing with your mates, you need something trendy as well as attractive. Uniqueness is my first priority. A medium round dial time piece, with a leather band is a perfect choice. I own a fast track unisex wrist watch with a cool logo carved out on the dial, which adds more funkiness to the stuff. It is my most preferable choice, when am out for some adventure.

Watches Timepieces

Watches Timepieces

Family weddings are the most hectic time for females. This is the time, we become pretty conscious regarding hat to wear and what accessories to use; which would make you look more glamorous.

In weddings, ethnic wear have always been my first choice. But a sports watch would totally add a sour taste to your look.

Watches Timepieces

Watches Timepieces

When I’ve to attend a reception or any wedding, I prefer a simple, yet bold small wrist watches with a designer slim fit wrist band. Not only it acts as a watch, but it also looks like a trendy bracelet, enhancing your looks. On my 24th birthday, I got a Timex timepiece. It has an oval dial, with a shining metallic wrist band, that looks more like a bracelet. It is quite special to me not only for its looks, but also for the memories related with it.

So take care girls and do write to me.


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