Wella High Hair Sleek Wonder Reviews


Wella High Hair Sleek Wonder Reviews

Hello all you beautiful ladies.

How are you doing today? As I said earlier, this Sunday I was penning down reviews for you beauty; this is one such review I typed down for all of you to make a wise buying decision. I am more of an L’Oreal product user than Wella. This is probably the only product I own from the brand house Wella. My hair dresser convinced me into buying this product and I have owned this for almost a year now.

Wella is a renowned brand for hair styling as well as hair care products. It provides a wide range of hair styling products for all hair types and hair issues. Wella high hair sleek wonder is for straight hair.

We all use hair straighter which is quite harmful and snatches our hairs natural shine. I use hair dryer almost on daily basis and therefore I was tempted to buy this product as it claims to protect the hair from the heat emitted from such hair appliances.

Wella High Hair Sleek Wonder

Wella High Hair Sleek Wonder

Product description:

Wella High Hair Sleek Wonder tames and straightens hair from roots to ends, even in high humidity. It protects the hair from heat of the hairdryer. Sleek Wonder is great for sleek style. It gives a long-lasting straight look to hair. Protects hair with pro-vitamin B5 and UV filter.

Product price and quantity:

Rs. 450 for 100 ml


Wella High Hair Sleek Wonder

Wella High Hair Sleek Wonder


How to apply:

Apply sleek wonder in damp hair in sections and comb through. Now, blow-dry, smoothing out each section. Use it only for blow-drying your hair and not if you’re going to use a hair iron.

Wella High Hair Sleek Wonder

Wella High Hair Sleek Wonder


It has a pump applicator on the top of a long cylindrical plastic container. What was disheartening was that the container only seems to be long and has a half empty gap in it.


This product has a semi-fluid content. It’s has a white creamy consistency and is smooth to apply on hair.

Wella High Hair Sleek Wonder

Wella High Hair Sleek Wonder

Pros of Wella High Hair Sleek Wonder:

  • Gives straight looking hair without the use of a hair iron
  • Gives shiny finish to hair
  • Protect the hair from the heat of hair dryer
  • Contains UV filter
  • Easily available
  • Has pro-vitamin B5
  • Makes hair frizz free
  • Pump applicator

Cons of Wella High Hair Sleek Wonder:

  • The packaging is quite misguiding in terms of the quantity
  • Makes hair look limper
  • Hair looks oily
  • Hair iron/straightner cannot be used after this product
Wella High Hair Sleek Wonder

Wella High Hair Sleek Wonder

My take on Wella High Hair Sleek Wonder:

I have wavy and frizzy hair and often use hair straighter and hair dryer to style them and make them manageable. I first shampoo my hair and then apply this product starting from the roots to the ends of my hair. I don’t much use hair dryers and so I let my hair air dry. My hair is dry and limp and the product is quickly absorbed in my hair. The best thing I love about this product is that it gives shine to my hair and also makes them less frizzy.

What I complain about in this product is that after applying it my hair looks even limper. After a few hours of application my hair almost looks oily and they even become stiff as if some hair styling product is sprayed on the hair.

My hair is exposed to sun for long hours of the day and so I like the UV filter characteristic of this product. Overall, it does protect your hair but makes them look limp, oily and stiff.


I will rate it 6 out of 10

Would I recommend it again?

No, there are better heat protecting products in the market. This one isn’t worth a try.


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