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Hello my dear makeup junkies, I’m again on with another review. This review is going to put light on a product that has caught the visions of almost all of the sticky-skinned beauties. No offense, but being an oily-skinned one I can really feel the pain of this unpleasant stickiness of skin. A limited secretion of sebum is needed, but when it exceeds the boundary, it becomes a serious reason for girls like me being reluctant to apply makeup kind of things although we love applying it. My product of today’s review is, White Tone Face Powder.

White Tone Face Powder

White Tone Face Powder

The television commercial of White Tone Powder was a bit tough-to-believe kind of advertisement; I mean how a market available product can bring an instant-fairness to someone. Trust me, use it once, you’ll feel like buying it again. Well I’m not saying that it’ll make some magical miracle to convert a dark toned beauty to a fair one, but it’ll surely help you to get rid of extra oil secretion from the problem areas, especially the T-Zone, and thus will make you look fresh.

Product Description:

White Tone Powder comes with a pink-shaded white plastic jar, unfortunately with no powder applicator. It’s being claimed to come with Soft Shade Formula that will help you look clearer and make your skin tone look brighter (^_^). 

White Tone Face Powder

White Tone Face Powder

What Does It Contain???                                                                             

Talc, Calcium Carbonate, Aluminum Starch Octenylsuccanate, Magnesium Stearate, Titanium Di Oxide, Mica, Alumina, Dimethicone/ Vinyl Dimethicone Crosspolymer, Silica andPerfume.

White Tone Face Powder

White Tone Face Powder


How much bucks one’ll need to spend to get it??

Another amazing thing about White Tone Face Powder is, you won’t need to have a puffy wallet to get it. You can get it at just Rs. 55 for 30 gm and Rs. 100 for gm pack, nice na ??!!  :)

2 minutes to a glowing matte finished skin:

White Tone Face Powder

White Tone Face Powder                         

Wash your face with some face wash, or if you’re not having a too oily skin you can wash it with plain water as well. Apply this White Tone Face Powder after wiping your face with some dried towel. You can have it after applying makeup as it’ll give you a matte finish to make you look fresher. Don’t apply it on a wet face as the powdered lumps will get stuck onto your face which definitely will not look good, rather scary XD.

What Did I feel about the same ??  

I wasn’t having a very positive view for this product earlier, I mean before I used it. During my days in my hostel like every other roomies, we also used to try each other’s belongings sometimes, and then my friend recommended this product to me. From that day on, I’ve been using this product and to be honest, I’m loving it. It has a light and soft texture and really smooth for applying on sensitive skin too. I can apply make up onto my face now followed by a decent application of White Tone Face Powder. But what I’ve truly felt is that, beauties having a darker skin tone shouldn’t be using this product as it’ll get them an uneven skin tone which will look bad :(. But ladies with fair and medium toned skin will be amazed with the goodness of this product.

Things That I Liked About this Product:

  • Packaging is quite cute
  • Fragrance is mmm heavenly
  • Quick action on oily skin
  • Gives a true matte finish that lasts for quite a few hours
  • Brighten up skin tone

Things That could be Better:

  • It doesn’t work nicely on dark toned skin :(
  • Its flip cover is a total flop as doesn’t close completely
  • An applicator should have been there
    White Tone Face Powder

    White Tone Face Powder

Considering all the pros and cons of this product I’ll give White Tone Face Powder a point of

7.5 Out of 10. I’d also like to recommend this product to all my fair skinned beauties, GOOOOOOOO GRABBBBBB ITTTTTTTTTT  GIRLSSSSSSS !!!


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    This brand is involved in some serious brand marketing 😛

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