Yardley London Lace Satin Body Spray Reviews


Yardley London Lace Satin Body Spray Reviews

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I am generally very careful and choosy about the body sprays that I pick up for myself. I have used body sprays by Yardley London before, so picking this one up was not an accident. I was impressed by this one mainly because of the way it looked. My first impression of this deodorant was that of mildness and softness, and that is exactly what I was looking for.

My today’s review is on Yardley London Lace Satin Body Spray, and surely this is not my first one from this brand and product range.  I have used a lot of deodorant’s by Yardley before and trust me I loved each one of them. So you can well imagine my excitement when I saw this one on the counter, looking so perfect. I could not wait to take it home and use it!

My earlier review on was on Yardley London Lily Of The Valley Body Spray Tonique Pour Le Corps.  I fell in love with this particular one the first time I used it and since then I have been using it regularly. The review will give you a better idea about this product so make sure you read it.

Yardley London Lace Satin Body Spray

Yardley London Lace Satin Body Spray

Product Description of Yardley London Lace Satin Body Spray

With an expertise of over 200 years, Yardley London is famous for selecting only the finest ingredients to make its unforgettable and unique fragrances. “LACE” from Yardley London is the original feminine perfume. Nothing becomes a women like lace. This variant of lace called Satin, is created to relish those special moments of intimacy and caress. 

Direction for Use

Shake the bottle a bit before using the spray. Hold it upright and spray it from at least a distance of 15 cm. Precautions: DO NOT pierce or burn even after use. Never spray on naked flames. Don’t spray near eyes, broken skin, cuts, bruises, burns etc.

Yardley London Lace Satin Body Spray

Yardley London Lace Satin Body Spray


Shelf Life

3 years or 36 months from the date of packaging.  Just ensure that you protect it from direct sunlight and do not expose it to a temperature above 50 degrees

Price & Quantity

INR 180; 150 ml

Yardley London Lace Satin Body Spray

Yardley London Lace Satin Body Spray

Skin Type

This is great for all skin types. The quality of the body spray is good and does result in rashes or skin irritation.


The bottle is in a beautiful lavender color. It is gorgeous to look at. The spray is protected by a cap which is both sturdy and safe.

It is very convenient for travelling purposes too.

The packaging is very unique and attractive. 

Yardley London Lace Satin Body Spray

Yardley London Lace Satin Body Spray


The spray is light and does not create layers on the skin or create marks on the clothes that you are wearing.

Key Ingredients

  • Ethyl Alcohol
  • Butane
  • Propane
  • Isobutane
  • Fragrance
  • Diethyl phthalate
  • Propylene Glycol
  • Triclosan

Pros Yardley London Lace Satin Body Spray

  • Easily available
  • Good brand name
  • Attractive packaging
  • Descent price
  • Eye catching
  • Travel friendly
  • Not harmful to the skin 

Cons Yardley London Lace Satin Body Spray

It is actually funny, but I liked everything about this body spray other than the way it smells. The smell is very different from what Yardley normally delivers. It smells of cheap oil to me and I did not like it a bit. Forget about me even my mother starts to fuss when I use this one. I am really disappointed with this one and I have learnt my lesson to never go on the brand name and check the spray myself before I buy it.

Yardley London Lace Satin Body Spray

Yardley London Lace Satin Body Spray

My Experience with Yardley London Lace Satin Body Spray

I am very unhappy and disappointed with this product.


1/5 (1 only for the beautiful packaging).

Whether I would recommend this product again:



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