Yardley London red roses perfumed talc Reviews


Yardley London red roses perfumed talc reviews

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Today I am going to review one of my longtime favorite talc which is Yardley London red roses perfumed talc. A few years ago I bought this product for just the sake of experimenting with the new fragrances, but once I got this, it became one of my favorite products immediately and I have never been apart this. Sometimes I buy a different fragrance, but try to stick to the Yardley brand. There are other fragrances available in this talc, but I love this red roses one best, it works great for me let’s check it out now. In my last review of the body shop seaweed pore perfector, we checked whether this product is actually helping in managing the pore sizes, check this out here

Yardley London red roses perfumed talc

Yardley London red roses perfumed talc

Product Description of Yardley London red roses perfumed talc

This is one of the variants which Yardley Company has in the market in talc. This is easily available in any department store. This claims to select the finest ingredients to make this Yardley talc. Yardley has more than 200 years old expertise. This product is made for the experience of luxury soft talcum powder with the heavenly scent of red rose. This will keep you fresh and fragrant all day long.

Direction for Use

It has a rotatable cap, rotate it to open and dust this talcum all over your body for fresh and fragrant day ahead. This talcum leaves your skin soft.

Yardley London red roses perfumed talc

Yardley London red roses perfumed talc


Shelf Life

This product has a shelf life of 3 years.

 Price & Quantity

250gm of tin packet is priced at 145rs.

Skin Type

Suitable for all skin types.


This talcum comes in a tin packaging, which had a rotating cap on its neck. It also has a golden hologram fixed to the container for the authenticity of the packet. You can check one while making your purchase. This product comes in different variations too. Tin packaging makes this a strong packaging and you don’t have to be worried if it will break down if have a fall; it can have a dent obviously. This packaging makes it strong, but not very travel friendly because of its size. It’s going to take a huge space in your bag if travelling with it. If you are an avid fan and want to use only this product you can buy a smaller package.

Yardley London red roses perfumed talc

Yardley London red roses perfumed talc


This talcum had a very soft texture and mild fragrance, unlike some others which have very strong fragrance, which is unbearable at least to my nose. It has a default white color for any variant you choose.

Key Ingredients

Super fine talc, calcium carbonate, magnesium carbonate, fragrance, dipropylene glycol, cilicate silicate, triclosan (deo factor)

Pro’s of Yardley London red roses perfumed talc

  • Fine tin packaging
  • Not highly priced
  • Very smooth texture

Con’s of Yardley London red roses perfumed talc

  • Packaging size too big for travelling purpose
  • Fragrance might be not liked by all
Yardley London red roses perfumed talc

Yardley London red roses perfumed talc

My Experience with Yardley London red roses perfumed talc

My experience with this talc has been more than good. I have a very sensitive skin and using deos in the summers is not at all good for my skin and especially for underarms as they darken them. So for the remedy for my shattered skin I took a talcum path, and it didn’t disappoint me as I can’t tolerate too heavy of fragrance neither the burning of alcohol based deo. This talcum sorted both the problem as it neither burns my skin, nor have any strong fragrance. So for me it as a very good product with a sweet, mild rose fragrance, I loved it and I hope you’ll love it too


I would rate this product 4/5

Whether I would recommend this product again

Yes, I would recommend this talc from Yardley again.


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