Za True white exfoliating Clay Reviews


Za True white exfoliating Clay Reviews

Hello Lovely ladies.. So, Finally, June brought some respite from the scorching heat, out here in Northern India. It has been raining here, on and off since the first of June and I really cannot be more thankful as heat and harsh sun rays play a spoiler for my skin. Due to my combination skin, my T zone looks like an oil pan, most of the time, I am outdoors. So, a good sunscreen and exfoliation of facial skin twice a week are two additional skin care pointers that you need to be careful about, during summers. I am going to review a very summer friendly product for you today that happens to be newly launched Exfoliating Clay from the house of Za.

Za True white exfoliating Clay

Za True white exfoliating Clay

Product description

This Whitening Clay mask from Za claims of instantly exfoliating the surface layer dead cells & also helps in removing impurities from facial pores. It absorbs sebum, which helps control the shine in T zone. Za true white mineral glow and radiant skin.


INR 399 for 100 g.. quite reasonably priced and it actually works better than many high end brands

Za True white exfoliating Clay

Za True white exfoliating Clay


Directions to Use

After washing and drying your face, take some clay mask and spread it over face, avoiding areas around the eyes and mouth. Gently massage face using small circular motion for about 1 minute. Rinse Thoroughly. Limit use to 3 times a week.


It comes in a White coloured, plastic tube that needs to be squeezed to dispense the product. The cap is flip open type.

Za True white exfoliating Clay

Za True white exfoliating Clay


The mineral clay is White in colour and is really creamy to look at

Key ingredients:

4MSK, Vitamin C derivatives (AMP and VC-IP), White Mineral Clay, Prism Enhancer, Trehalose Natural Spring Water, White Lily Extract.

Za True white exfoliating Clay

Za True white exfoliating Clay

Pros of Za True white exfoliating Clay

  • Travel friendly packaging with a cap that closes tightly without spilling the product in your hand bag.
  • Exfoliates gently so, can be used upto 3 times in a week or every alternate day
  • Absorbs excess oil and sebum from T zone so, ideal for oily and combination skin.
  • Imparts a healthy glow and brightens your face, post use
  • Does not stretch out your skin after use
  • Dermatologically tested
  • non comedogenic
  • contains Vitamin C which has antioxidants and helps in boosting collagen.

Cons of Za True White Exfoliating Clay:

  • The quantity provided at this price should be a little more but even this much is not bad, actually
  • Whitening claim is false.. Nothing can alter your basic complexion.
Za True white exfoliating Clay

Za True white exfoliating Clay

My experience with Za True white exfoliating Clay

I love the sweet smell this mineral clay exfoliator has since, it is really relaxing. The creamy base of clay has fine, micro granules to carry out exfoliation. The scrub beads are really gentle on skin and you can use this scrub every other day to remove the build-up of dead skin cells from the surface layer of your skin.

I use gentle, circular massaging motion while using this product and then rinse off with water thoroughly. This rinses off quite easily without leaving behind a residual film on the skin surface. Post use, skin feels soft, smooth and refreshed and all the excess sebum from the face is gone too. The best part is that it scrubs without stretching or drying out your skin.



Whether I would recommend this product again?

Overall, I am happy with this mild exfoliator and my combination skin loves it as it removes dead skin and brightens complexion and also helps get rid of excess oils without stripping off the natural moisture from your skin.


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    I too received it in my fab bag 😀 Bingo!!

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    I found this to be average :/

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    Didn’t work well for me. Doesn’t brighten the complexion at all !!!

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    Wonderfully reviewed….