5 Must have cotton leggings this summer

5 Must have cotton leggings this summer

5 Must have cotton leggings this summer

Summers are here and the perfect fabric for this season is cotton. The reason that cotton happens to be the best choice is because it has pores to allow your sweat to evaporate and allows air to pass through. Leggings are something that can practically be worn with any kind of outfit. Be it, short kurtis, long kurtis or shirts. These are usually skin fit and let you flaunt your legs. Not to mention, they are available in practically, every colour imaginable. Below, we have compiled a list of top 5 types of cotton leggings available out there in markets. Cotton leggings are available in variable price ranges depending upon the quality of cotton fabric. Some are available for as low as One hundred and fifty to two hundred bucks, this obviously affects the durability of the leggings. The finer quality cotton fabric leggings cost around one thousand bucks each. So all in all, cotton leggings are quite affordable.

5 Types Of cotton leggings

Full length cotton leggings 

These are best worn with kurtis. These are light and comfortable to wear. These have almost stopped the trend of churidaar pajamis. Since, these have elastic and are easier to maintain, iron and even wash. So, any day preferable over churidard which need to be starched and ironed before wearing.

Cotton with net leggings

These are mixed pattern leggings with net in the lower half of leggings and cotton in upper half. The net and cotton can be of the same colour or of different colours. Mostly net patterns are in form of flowers or criss cross. These really nice with short party dresses. These are mostly available in classic Black, White and Beige shades.

Cotton with lace leggings

These have lace in different patterns in the lower half or three fourths of the legging. These look the best with short Kurtis. 

Black and white printed leggings 

The combination of Black and white is classic and can never go wrong. Also, Black and White, both these colours go with almost all colours.So these kind of printed leggings are a kind of must for every girl’s wardrobe! They are easily washable and cotton fabrics rarely fade away color wise. Orange or Yellow tops look the best with these. Black and white could be stripes or checks or even in form of color blocks.

Floral prints in leggings

Flowers always give a feeling of lightness and are a perfect summerish print.

These look super girly and fashionable and suits almost all type of monochromatic shirts and Kurtis! You can pair up a White shirt with a Pink Floral fabric legging or probably a Blue one. Another good combination is Black top and White and Pink floral legging. These can definitely be paired with a wide buckle belt and wedge style heels.

That is pretty much what I know about the summer fashion trends and cotton legging designs and patterns. I hope, all of you must have got some knowledge about the cotton fabric leggings.