Acmed Face Wash Reviews

Acmed Face Wash Reviews

Acmed Face Wash Reviews

Hello pretty ladies.

So today after reviewing the Akmasq from Ethicare, I am going to review another amazing skin care product from the same brand house. It’s called Acmed face wash. I don’t really stay loyal to face washes; I keep changing and trying new ones. I wonder why I didn’t come across this face wash before. It was like finding my end product. My hunt for new face washes end here. I have found perfect mate for my skin now. This face wash and my skin are so compatible and perfect together. Read on to know what’s so great about this face wash.

Acmed Face Wash
Acmed Face Wash

Product price and quantity:

Rs 165 for a tube of 70 gm

Shelf life:

3 years from manufacture date

Key Ingredients

Acmed Face Wash
Acmed Face Wash


Acmed face wash comes in a transparent plastic tube that is of good quality and the tube is safely sealed in an outer cardboard box that is purple in color.


It has a gel based transparent content with tiny purple and white beads. The texture is smooth and the beads dissolve on applying pressure on them and the beads don’t hurt the skin at all during massaging the content. It smells musky and fresh.

Acmed Face Wash
Acmed Face Wash

Pros of Acmed Face Wash:

  • Fresh smell
  • Gently cleanses the face
  • Nice packaging
  • Contains salicylic acid which is known to cure acne problems
  • Controls oil
  • Contains safe ingredients
  • Not harsh on skin
  • Gives softer and smoother skin
  • Makes the skin brighter
  • Gives a glowy finish to skin
  • Only a coin sized quantity is required
  • Contains tea tree oil

Cons of Acmed Face Wash:

  • Can be a little too drying for the dry skin beauties.
Acmed Face Wash
Acmed Face Wash

My experience with Acmed Face Wash:

I have combination skin type and my T zone usually keeps oily especially during the summers. I have used a lot of face washes but none of them controlled my oil secretion as good as Acmed does. I was impressed with this face wash from the very first application. It made my skin softer and gives a glowy finish to it.

It smells musky and very fresh. It instantly cleans the dirt from the skin making it feel fresh and healthy. It makes the skin texture smooth and I also observed that it reduced the pores to quite an extent. Acmed controls the oil very effectively. This characteristic has a lot of importance from my point of view as I hated the greasy skin during summers.

The purple colored beads in the face wash easily dissolved in the skin when massaging the content on the skin. I use this face wash twice daily and I am very impressed and delighted with its performance.


I will rate it 9.5 out of 10

Will I recommend it?

Yes definitely. I highly recommend this face wash to all the beauties facing acne problems and otherwise too. Get the perfect glowy and silky soft skin with this face wash.

So what are you waiting for girls? Buy this and other amazing products from Ethicare right away. They have a huge list of products to choose from. Happy shopping.