ADS perfect eye lip liner pencil review

ADS perfect eye lip liner pencil review

Hello beauties,

Today I am back with review on ADS Perfect Eye lip liner Pencil review.
I have bought this Liner pencil from my favorite cosmetic shop, actually I have been using the ADS product from a long time, I have also used a make-up kit of ADS brand, overall I like the ADS brand cosmetics, ok not wasting our time much I’ll proceed to the review of this product.


Product Description:

ADS Perfect Eye/Lip Liner Pencil is an amazing product with Vitamin E and is extra water proof protected, makes your eyes look wow…. :), It is very soft on application, just glides on your lips and its main feature is it is having a sharpener on its cap which you can use to sharpen the pencil after every use, this is a unique feature of this pencil which are not available in other brand liner pencil.

Key Ingredients:

* Vitamin A
* Vitamin E
* Long stay
* Smooth Texture
* Glides Easily



Its texture is smooth and creamy which gives a perfect finish on application.
It gives a good pigmentation and stays for a long time.
Its water proof technology helps it to stay on lips for a long time and does ‘not irritate.


It’s a pinkish shade which gives you a glamorous look; this is one of my favorite shades I would use as a lip liner and would match your dress easily with light or dark shades and you can also use it as eye liner.
Now a days it is quite a trend to use different matching shades as eye liner, and many shades are available in market which you can use on your eyes matching your outfit, but pink is a lovely shade which easily matches any dark or light outfit.


It comes in a decent pack that is in a wooden pencil packing which looks pink from outside, and also one of its main feature is it is having a sharpener on its cap which is very useful and convenient to sharp any time u need don’t have to buy a sharpener separately .its packaging is decent but attractive, when I saw it first time I could not resist myself from buying it. It comes in a convenient sleek packing which you can easily carry anywhere in your purse. I like this product very much, so I think you should also try it once. I personally feel you won’t be disappointed and it would add a glam in your collection.


This shade is not exactly what it seems in swatch ,it appears little darker on application and looks wonderful when used with a dark color lipstick shade ,it is so smooth that it just glides on your lips making it looking gorgeous.

Pros of ADS Perfect Eye/Lip Liner Pencil:

* Smooth texture
* Glides easily
* Good pigmentation
* Does not irritates
* Stays for a long time
* Creamy pink shade
* Gives luscious smooth finish
* Waterproof
* smudge proof

Cons of ADS Perfect EYE/LIP Liner Pencil:

* Not worth it
* Little high range
* Not perfect for eye liner use



I would rate this product 8 out of 10, as it is a lovely product but not worth it according to me.


Its price is Rs 100/ for 1.2 gm.

Whether I will recommend this product again:

Yes, definitely I would recommend this product again as it is a lovely product and lot of shades are available as your choice, as everyone has its own choice regarding cosmetics and various brand so I won’t force you to buy it but what I personally feel is it’s not as worth it, the quality they have provided is not so good as expected but overall it’s a nice product you can try it ones.