ADS Power Lasting Nail Polish Reviews

ADS Power Lasting Nail Polish Reviews

ADS Power Lasting Nail Polish Reviews

Hi guys hope you all are doing well….!! Nail paints are that one thing, which are must haves in my cosmetics bag; let’s just accept it we girls are crazy (obsessed) about how our nails look. So be the quirky bright colours or our sober pastels or just the basic French manicure, nail polishes can completely change our look. So here i am today with review of nail polishes form a lesser known Chinese brand. In my last post, i wrote about Lakme absolute gel stylist in the shade coral rush, which was quite disappointing so let’s see if these ADS nail polishes are worth a try.

ADS Power Lasting Nail Polish
ADS Power Lasting Nail Polish

Product Description of ADS power lasting nail polish

Nothing at all is mentioned on the product so the following information is taken from their website We have a wide range of ADS Power Lasting Nail Polish. Available with us is a gamut of Nail Polish which is formulated using pure ingredients. These are available in different super glossy colours and are known for quick drying chip resistance properties. These are manufactured as per the international quality standards. These are available in vibrant and attractive colours that enhance the beauty of the nails. These offer smooth finish to the nails. Our products are renowned for their long lasting effect

Direction for Use

I don’t think anybody here needs directions on how to apply a nail polish

Shelf Life

Again as nothing is mentioned on the bottle i can’t tell you what is its expiry date also this information was not available on the website.

ADS Power Lasting Nail Polish
ADS Power Lasting Nail Polish

Price & Quantity

Again no description, this is so frustrating but i guess these are 14-20 ml and were priced for INR 45 online


These nail paints come in normal nail paint bottle, the shape of the nail paint bottle changes depended on the quantity. No description, no price details not even the shade name are mentioned on the product. Like all other nail paint bottles these are also made up of glass and hence easily breakable so not suitable for travelling. I already broke one.

ADS Power Lasting Nail Polish
ADS Power Lasting Nail Polish


I love the texture of these nail polishes, it is just perfect neither too thick nor runny. Also they dry up pretty quickly like the first coat dries up in 15-20 seconds completely

ADS Power Lasting Nail Polish
ADS Power Lasting Nail Polish

Key Ingredients

Not mentioned on the product. Also I tried checking the website all they said was it is made up of natural materials which I don’t think it is

Pros of ADS power lasting nail polish

  • Pretty cheap
  • Dry up easily
  • Stay on the nails without chipping for 3-4 days
  • Many shades are available

Cons of ADS power lasting nail polish

  • Not easily available in the market, have to buy it on online international sites
  • No details about the product, mentioned on the nail paint bottle

My Experience with ADS power lasting nail polish

I recently ordered some things from eBay, so to round off the price i decided to try nail paints from VOV and ADS, the shades were good also these were pretty cheap so I bought them. So right now I’m in a love-hate relationship with these nail paints. Love because the texture is super smooth also only 2 swipes are required to get the full colour payoff. They also stay, without chipping on my nails for 3-4 days. coming to the hate part, not details are mentioned o i was a little sceptical before using it as sometimes due to chemicals in nail paints my nails tend to turn yellow. Thankfully that did not happen with these nail paints



Whether I would recommend ADS power lasting nail polish

Overall they are quite worth it. You get what you pay for so if availability is not an issue for you i would say go ahead and buy them.