Aloe Veda Kiwi Lip Butter Review

Aloe Veda Kiwi Lip Butter Review

Aloe Veda Kiwi Lip Butter Review

Hey everyone,

How are you all? By now, you guys have figured it out that I am a sucker of lip products. This time I picked up a flavoured lip butter from Aloe Veda. I have already reviewed a shower gel from the same brand. So, let’s start with the review of this lip butter.

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Aloe Veda Kiwi Lip Butter
Aloe Veda Kiwi Lip Butter

Product description:

Aloe veda is a premium wellness brand owned by aloe veda personal care. Our outstanding products bring together the goodness of the wonder plant aloe vera. The natural lip therapy will give your lips the moisturization they need to keep feeling and looking healthy. It keeps your lips looks plump, healthy and protected. It is enriched with sweet almond oil that makes the lips look hydrated. The lip butter serves to relieve chapped or dry lips, angular cheilitis or stomatitis and cold sores.


10 gram is priced at 115 INR.

Aloe Veda Kiwi Lip Butter
Aloe Veda Kiwi Lip Butter


Aloe Veda Kiwi Lip Butter comes in a transparent small tub with a black screw cap. The packaging is good for travelling. The details and ingredient list is mentioned at the back of the tub.


The lip balm looks green in color, but is transparent on the lips.

Shelf life:

Two years from the date of manufacture.

Aloe Veda Kiwi Lip Butter
Aloe Veda Kiwi Lip Butter

Direction of use:

Apply evenly on the lips, when needed.

Ingredients list:

Sunflower oil, soybean oil, beeswax, sweet almond oil, Shea butter, cocoa butter, vitamin E, kiwi flavored agents, Octyl methoxycinnamate.

Aloe Veda Kiwi Lip Butter
Aloe Veda Kiwi Lip Butter

Pros of the Aloe Veda kiwi lip butter

  • It has a good fragrance of kiwi.
  • It moisturizes the lips as well.
  • The lip butter is non tinted.
  • Quantity is too much.
  • Most of the ingredients are natural.
  • It has an SPF 15.
  • Can be found mostly online.

Cons of the aloe Veda kiwi lip butter

  • Unhygienic to use.
  • Presence of octyl methoxycinnamate is questionable.

My experience on the Aloe Veda kiwi lip butter

The Aloe Veda kiwi lip butter comes in a unhygienic tub form. The tub is unhygienic to use and should transform into tube packaging as soon as possible. The lip butter is comfortable on the lips and does not feel heavy.The fragrance is mild and vanishes after minutes of application. It is not overpowering, hence will not bother who are sensitive to strong fragrances.

It has a soft texture and smooth application. Lips get moisturized to upto 2 hours after that it tends to dry. Hence, I have to reapply the lip butter for the hydration of lips. The lip butter contains aloe Vera which claims to  soothe the dry lips. It is free from the petrolatum as an occlusive. When applied to the lips, it gives a glossy shine. The best thing is that presence of octyl methoxycinnamte. It is used against UVB protection. Usually, the sunscreen creams have a mention of this in their ingredient list.

The drawback is, after its effect is over, lips become flaky. Lips tend to shed after its usage. It doesn’t live up to the claims of healing the lips. Overall, an average quality from ALOE VEDA brand. The shower gel was better than this lip butter.



Would I recommend the aloe veda kiwi lip butter?

No, I won’t buy the lip butter from aloe veda again. It just gives temporary softness to the lip which a normal oil on lips can do. The fact that it made my lips more flaky, was disappointing. You all can give a skip.