amway attitude face masque review

amway attitude face masque review

Brighten Your Visage in One Go | Amway attitude face masque review

A big hello from Malvika again, to all the girls out there who wants to be pampered with one of the world’s best masque!

Earlier I gave you some examples of world’s top 5 lipstick brands and today I will be talking about how to nurture your facial beauty with just one product.

See, to be honest monthly or weekly facials will not improve your skin daily. You need something extra (as told by all the beauty experts) but time is a ‘the’ ugliest factor. You may have money to churn your pockets but with a clock ticking your head all will go in vain. Thus forget yourself getting busy with a daily facial, best is to go for a masque which can improve your skin value.

Today I will be talking about Amway Attitude Face Masque. This is considered as one of the best facial masque round the globe. You can take a challenge on this!! Well as a matter of fact it will be necessary to get a fair idea about its product details.


What the product claim:

It will assure you with a deep clean and absorbs the excess oil leaving your skin soft and fresher.

It contains:



  1. Coconut water gives you a supple skin
  2. Mango seed butter will offer you a buttery soft skin
  3. Minerals will enrich your skin.
  4. Vitamins will make you ageless
  5. Kaolin is a real absorbent.

With the help of these materials, it simply replenishes the skin and gives back your lost glamour. Now trust me girls, I am using these for three months. It do what it say but little bit of issues when it comes to oily skin. I guess it’s best for dry skin as it leaves an oily feel afterwards. The shine and sheer will give you a feel good factor. In fact compare to the given ingredients, it is actually giving you more that what you are paying.


When it comes to packaging, I will give it some extra marks. It is coming in a light colored tube which is actually good enough to prevent from any leakage. But sometimes it becomes hard to squeeze.


Check the picture, the constituency is white in color just like a paste of clay. Thick white!!




  1. Easy to apply on your skin.
  2. It simply dies off easily and one should definitely try it.
  3. The effect is long lasting
  4. Nice smell J
  5. Dermatologically tested



  1. It contains ethanol.
  2. Only available through Amway office or from the members to be precise.

My personal experience

This is a nice product indeed but the ethanol factor made me stop buying it for second time. But those who are blessed with oily skin can try it for sure. There will be no question of acne in your life. It actually proves what it claims to be. For a better experience you can use the toner after application.

I will be simply giving 4.5 out of 5 to this product.