amway attitude toner

amway attitude toner

Amway Attitude Toner (Oily to Normal skin)

Hello Friends,

We all are aware of our skin very much and thus always try to keep it healthy and smooth. It is the outer appearance of a person and hence we always bear concern about it. Skin problems are many and vary from person to person like oily, dry, acne and others. Oily skin is a major skin issue and causes several other associated problems if not treated properly and in time. Skin toner is considered as a great product for skin caring. It serves as a cleansing agent and keeps skin free from dust and germs that we come across every day.


What does it claim?

While concerning about how to control my oily skin, I came across a product from a great brand known universally by the name of Amway Attitude Toner. It is built specially for oily skin. The toner is quite gentle and oil free and suitable for anyone having normal to those having oily skin. It is quite effective in removing dirt, make up and even cleanser left on skin. It greatly stimulates skin and gives an amazingly refreshed, moist, cool and soft sensation.

To use it, you are required to press the pump for 5-6 times and get the toner on a cotton pad for application. Then apply it gently on your face with that cotton pad.



The most important thing with Amway is that the products are completely natural with very less proportion of added chemicals. It contains:

  • Ethanol,
  • PEG-60 castor oil
  • Arginine
  • algae extracts
  • purified water
  • avocado oil
  • grape seed extract
  • butylenes glycol
  • propylene glycol
  • Tocopherol
  • citric acid
  • Copper PCA

In addition to that, the product is enriched with triple complex that further contains:


  • Osmogeline, obtained from red seaweed and helps in revitalizing skin.
  • Vitamin A, E, and C those are quite beneficial in protecting skin from harmful ultraviolet radiations and the anti-oxidants keeps skin appearing youthful.
  • Natural botanical and fruit extracts like Grape-seed, Avocado and Aloe Vera that are natural skin moisturizers.Amway-Attitude-Toner4


  • The Amway attitude toner is beneficial in keeping skin hydrated always by keeping the skin pore size reduced to a great extent. Thus it is good even for those who are having dry and rough skin.
  • It gets quickly absorbed in skin pores and does not feel sticky as evident with many other toners available in the market.
  • It effectively reduces the probability of occurrence of skin breakouts to a great extent and gives a smooth skin.
  • It does not turn an oily skin to a dry one but reduces the extent of oiliness that is not desired.
  • It helps in PH level balancing of skin.
  • It has got a great fragrance and it is one of the associated reasons for favoring the product.Amway-Attitude-Toner5


  • It contains a little alcohol and thus may not be suitable for people having normal skin.
  • It minimizes skin pore size for a temporary basis.
  • It is not readily available in the market due to its premium quality.

So I will buy this for sure but would you girls? Contact me and tell me more!!