Amway G&H Lotion Review

Amway G&H Lotion Review

Amway G&H Lotion Review

Hello girls, my endless search towards a body lotion, which keeps my skin nourished as well as soft and supple makes me go through many products from different brands. This time a body lotion, which fetches my attention is from Amway. This is a brand which is not sold in any shops; they have their own distributors, who become a member of that company. One of my relative has recently become a member of Amway. So when I visited her, I found this lotion which seems promising, so I bought one in a smaller size to give it a try ( I got a discount too 🙂 ) . Let’s check out here how this works

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Amway G&H Lotion
Amway G&H Lotion

Product Description of Amway G&H lotion

Getting a smooth and radiant skin is easy to get with allantion enriched body lotion from Amway. This is enriched with the goodness of honey and glycerine, which helps in making skin healthy and glowing by deeply nourishing it from within. It has been formulated with humectants that hold moisture close to the skin, leaving it thoroughly nourished and super hydrated while its mild floral scent leaves the skin smelling fresh and fragrant. This lotion contains allantion, a proven moisturizer which leaves your skin feeling smooth and soft. It is an ideal protection throughout the year for hands, elbows and all over the body.

Direction for Use

Take out required quantity. Then apply it all over your body, especially to the parts which need more moisturization and care. This will make your skin soft and supple and you won’t even need to re apply it whole day.

Amway G&H Lotion
Amway G&H Lotion

Shelf Life

Its shelf life is 36 months

Price & Quantity

60 ml of pack is priced at 135 rs

Skin Type

Suitable for all skin types


This lotion comes in a simple, no fuss packaging. A white non-transparent plastic bottle which has a rotating cap, with a press button on it. Cap can be opened too, if you require more quantity to use. This is a very handy and small packaging. Its leak proof too, which makes it a perfect travel companion for you.

Amway G&H Lotion
Amway G&H Lotion


This lotion is white in color, its consistency is not very thick neither too runny. It even out very well on the skin and soaks in instantly. It doesn’t make your skin sticky or soggy but make it soft and supple filled with nourishment of glycerine and honey. It has a pleasant mild fragrance.

Key Ingredients

Refer to image below

Amway G&H Lotion
Amway G&H Lotion

Pro’s of Amway G&H lotion

  • Have the goodness of honey and glycerine
  • Handy packaging
  • Soaks into skin very well
  • Pleasant mild fragrance

Con’s of Amway G&H lotion

  • Highly priced
  • Available only with Amway distributors

My Experience with Amway G&H lotion

My experience with this body lotion has been average. Till date I liked all the skin care products from Amway, but it’s not the same case with their hair care products. Well, I just keep on trying new products, but stick only to those which make me feel awesome. This body lotion is on my so-so list, as I have dry skin and this made my skin soft but for me that moisturization is not enough. So I used to mix my body butter into this lotion to get my desired moisturization. Well, this is not I expect from a body lotion for which I paid this much.


I would rate this body lotion 3/5

Whether I would recommend this product again:

Not really, I would recommend this product only if you have those extra bucks in spare.