Aqua Shui Water Body Butter Review

Aqua Shui Water Body Butter Review

Aqua Shui Water Body Butter Review

Hey, pretty women, the festive season has officially begun and so has the winter. In this changing season, my hands and feet tend to dry up frequently and at least 2 to 3 times in a day, I do need to apply a moisturizer in order to rid of the uncomfortable stretchiness. A handy packing was a big requirement since it is actually not possible to carry big bottles of lotion everywhere. For more details of this product. Read on below for more details about this body lotion that I got as a part of the big goodie bag my sis got for me..

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Aqua Shui Water Body Butter
Aqua Shui Water Body Butter

Product description

There are no detailed claims mentioned on the packaging as such. All that is written is Sea Salt hydrating body butter.


100 ml tube for INR 50 approx.


This body lotion comes in a squeezy, plastic tube which has a screw open/ close type cap. There is an opening on the top which dispenses the product on squeezing the tube. The be essary product details like ingredients, shelf life etc are mentioned over the packaging.

Aqua Shui Water Body Butter
Aqua Shui Water Body Butter


This body butter has a rich and creamy textured. It is nowhere near runny but is not too thick like Boroline/ classic Nivea cream etc. It is easy to rub into skin and absorbs entirely without leaving behind any sticky residue.

Shelf life

1 year

Key ingredients

The list of ingredients is mentioned on the packaging.

Aqua Shui Water Body Butter
Aqua Shui Water Body Butter

Pros of Aqua Shui Water body butter

  • The packaging is quite handy and travel friendly
  • It is lightweight and spill proof
  • The smell is aquatic and different from routine body butters that are floral or sweet smelling. This turns out to be a good option for those who have a sensitive nose.
  • The texture is thicker than lotions and therefore more suitable for winters and people who have a dry skin type.
  • It absorbs into skin fully
  • I love the fact that it is non sticky and therefore does not feel uneasy or spoil your clothes
  • It does not break out my skin or cause skin irritations in any way
  • Full list of ingredients is mentioned on the pack
  • Sea salt is considered good for flushing out toxins from beneath the skin.
  • Affordable price as opposed to many routine body butters

Cons of Aqua Shui Water body butter

  • Availability of this lotion remains to be an issue as I have not routinely spotted this product in stores. Online, however it is available.
  • If you like to indulge in body butters with luxurious fragrances, then this one is not for you.
  • This might not be a great product for summers due to thick texture

Key ingredients

You can refer the list of ingredients given on the packaging

My experience with Aqua Shui Water body butter

You must have already figured out by now from the list of pros versus cons that I definitely am in favour of this product and would have loved stocking up on multiple tubes if, it was more readily available, which sadly, it is not. The smell is very mild, which I do not have a problem with. A few people like skin care products which have a fruity/ floral smell. The texture is quick absorb and does not leave behind any greasiness. The packing is travel friendly and I always keep this tube in my handbag since, my hands and feet dry up quite frequently in winters. Although, not a very popular brand in India, it faired very good for Indian weather.



Would I recommend this product again?

Yes, without any doubt.