Aqua Shui Water Shampoo Review

Aqua Shui Water Shampoo Review

 Aqua Shui Water Shampoo Review

Hey buddies, how have you all been doing? I had been keeping quite busy with work and visiting a couple of places in the last few days and could not really gather any time to review some of the recently reviewed products for you. Since, today, I could finally crack the time crunch; here I am with fresh reviews for the lovely readers of makeupera. This one is a lesser known indigenous brand of skincare as well as hair care products with a manufacturing unit in Delhi, itself. The brand, Aqua Shui Water is a popular supplier of the products in Spas. Read on below for more details about this shampoo..

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 Aqua Shui Water Shampoo
Aqua Shui Water Shampoo

Product description

The product has a sea marine base with fresh aquatic fragrance and claims to be revitalizing.


100 ml for INR 50 approx

Shelf life:

24 months

 Aqua Shui Water Shampoo
Aqua Shui Water Shampoo


This shampoo comes in a semi transparent, somewhat frosted packaging made out of plastic. The tube is squeezable. The cap closes/ opens on rotating. The hole that dispenses the product does not squirt out too much product in one go thus avoiding wastage. The tube is leak proof and comes along very handy in travel pouches.


The consistency of thee shampoo is moderately thick. It is a good thing that it is not runny as it avoids unnecessary wastage of the shampoo.

 Aqua Shui Water Shampoo
Aqua Shui Water Shampoo

Pros of Aqua Shui Water shampoo

  • See through packaging that allows you to see the quantity of product left so that you can judge when is it time to buy a new shampoo.
  • Leak proof tube that does not spoil your carry bags
  • Full list of ingredients mentioned on the shampoo even though, the pack is small in size
  • The consistency is not too runny so that you do not end up wasting more product that required in each wash.
  • Foams well and cleans dirt and oil from hair making them squeaky clean.
  • Long shelf life of 2 years
  • The fragrance is aquatic and feels refreshing.

Cons of Aqua Shui Water shampoo

  • It does not foam up as nicely as other shampoos in market so, some girls might feel this as a negative point
  • It is not moisturizing to my hair and does nothing for softening the texture
  • It does not control the frizz in my hair and hair looks unmanageable
  • It is a must to condition your hair afterwards

Key ingredients

Please refer to the image below.

 Aqua Shui Water Shampoo
Aqua Shui Water Shampoo

My experience with Aqua Shui Water shampoo

I used this shampoo a couple of times and I will be really honest that I have mixed feelings towards this product. This brand is extensively distributed in spas and hotels in India. I got to pick up some of these goodies from a recent visit to a spa. Aqua shui water shampoo does the job of cleaning well and removes dirt and sebum but does not form too much of foam or suds. I do not mind it as much as far as my hair feels and looks clean. In fact, lesser foam in a way indicates lesser percentage of SLS. It is easy to rinse off from hair. On drying, my hair feels dry and really frizzy. So, it is a must to use a conditioner after this shampoo.



Whether I would recommend this product again?

Not really. Unless you are travelling and need a very handy product..I would not recommend this shampoo to you as it does not soften my hair or control the frizziness in my hair.