Aroma Magic Glow Face Pack Review

Aroma Magic Glow Face Pack Review

Aroma Magic Glow Face Pack

Hi girls,

“Face is the index of your personality”, hence never keep it deprived of its original sheen. It’s quite obvious that our face would suffer environmental miseries, being the most exposed   part. And what turns off our emotion the most is our lackluster face just a day prior to party night. That is the time when we start scratching our heads, and start fighting with the candid mirror. I share it because I underwent such-type situations. But I didn’t cry over split milk and bought myself an ‘Aroma Magic Glow Face Pack’. Indeed I call that action as a successful experiment.

Aroma Magic Glow Face Pack
Aroma Magic Glow Face Pack

Magical ingredients:

  • Natural herbs
  • Aloevera
  • Manjistha
  • Manjuphal
  • Orange peel
  • Mineral clays
  • Bach


Mini sachets containing clay-type powder come packed in white-pink shaded tub. Packaging is quite efficient restricting any sort of wastage. One sachet serves us a couple of times.


Finely ground powder, prone to diffusion if mishandled while taking it out!

Aroma Magic Glow Face Pack
Aroma Magic Glow Face Pack


Uniform and pleasant smell without a dominating smell of one particular ingredient!

First impression itself hatched out a permanent friendship with my face.

I formed a paste using rose water toner as its base. And after applying the paste, it’s supposed to be left undisturbed for around 20 minutes as instructed. Rinse it off and then just dab the face with a soft cloth. I use it twice a week to keep it rejuvenated and glowing. The tan gathered in two weeks dies out almost. It is genuinely a fantastic product working on all skin-types without producing break-outs. To justify, I’ve a combo of oily and sensitive skin. And it worked great for me. With constant use, my skin tone gained an even tone and glow. And after the usage of 3 months, I was taken aback while contrasting my previous and the present scenario. My skin actually lightened, pretty much away from the whitish hue.

Aroma Magic Glow Face Pack
Aroma Magic Glow Face Pack


  • Clears away your scars and blemishes, but not overnight. Hold some patience because natural ingredients works slow unlike the damaging chemicals.
  • Evens out skin tone removing the unwanted patches. It’s like your face would be painted once again with complexion you actually got by nature.
  • Ache-free because no fear of acne break outs. So, it’s time to cheer up and burn all your doubts.
  • Since all the ingredients are natural, absolutely harmless to delicacy of face.
  • I saw a slight rosy tinge being produced on my face, a natural blush. And it excited me the most.


Dry up your face a little, especially around your mouth area. This was the only negative aftermath I encountered. Not necessarily, others too have a like consequence. It varies face to face.

Aroma Magic Glow Face Pack
Aroma Magic Glow Face Pack

Final Verdict

To the best of my knowledge, I find this product very effective. And twice a week is no big deal because investing mere 20 minutes in a fortnight doesn’t hamper your other pivotal workloads. I would definitely call it a must-have companion for your face. And if the con I stated is concerning you much then please get rid of it because the  qualities it exhibit overshadows that ant-like pitfall. And, since festive days are on your doors, hurry up!!! Be your own face-magician just using this product and gather as many lauds as you can.