Aroma Magic Lavender Oil Reviews

Aroma Magic Lavender Oil Reviews

Aroma Magic Lavender Oil Reviews

Hello Beauties,

I recently came to know about Essential oils which are quite important for our hairs as well as our skin and complete health care. But let me first brief about the essential oils. Oil is “essential” in the sense that it contains the characteristic fragrance of the plant that it is taken from. Essential oils do not form a distinctive category for any medical, pharmacological, or culinary purpose. So, you will be seeing lots of essential oils review in the coming days. But today I will like to begin and brief about the Aroma Magic Lavender oil. Aroma magic is one of the lovable and trustworthy budget brands among Indian Ladies. I am a fan of many products of this brand and when I came through the wonders of lavender oil I started searching for the brands that make lavender oil and just they came through this wonder product of Aroma Magic Lavender Oil.

Aroma Magic Lavender Oil
Aroma Magic Lavender Oil

Product Description of Aroma Magic Lavender Oil:

Lavender oil is the mildest but most effective of all essential oils. Aroma Magic Lavender Oil is anti-inflammatory, relaxes aches and body pains. It can be used as an antiseptic for skin care. Restive helps restores balance and encourages sleep.

Direction for use:

For external use only. Avoid use on eye. Keep away from children. Protect from heat & light. Dilute Before use. Never use lavender oil directly- always mix them with base oil. Not to be taken orally.

Aroma Magic Lavender Oil
Aroma Magic Lavender Oil

Shelf Life:

3 yrs. from mfg.


INR 145 for 15 ml


Aroma Magic comes in glass bottle of small size which is packed in carton box with Aroma Magic product name, details and other composition information. The bottle is made of thick glass and enclosed with a red cap.

Aroma Magic Lavender Oil
Aroma Magic Lavender Oil


The oil has strong fragrance of lavender oil making it evident that percentage of lavender oil is maximum. The oil is colorless.

Pros “Aroma Magic Lavender Oil”

  1. Trustworthy Brand
  2. Nice Packaging
  3. Affordable price
  4. Easily available
  5. Can be used directly on skin.
  6. Very small quantity required

Cons “Aroma Magic Lavender Oil”

None for me

Aroma Magic Lavender Oil
Aroma Magic Lavender Oil

My experience with Aroma Magic Lavender Oil

Since Lavender oil is the only oil which can be sued on skin directly. Thus, I apply it directly as my night care regimen on my dry face. With 2 weeks of usage I can see my skin become clearer and light and new marks diminishing. One thing which is really praiseworthy is that the skin didn’t react adversely or any breakouts didn’t appear. I was quite skeptical on using the oil directly on face. But the oil has moisturized my skin making it soft and supple the following morning. ‘

Lavender oil can also be used as a hair serum post shampoo. This makes the hair tangle free and also gives a beautiful natural shine to the hair.

This oil will easily last up to 2 months with usage as per above specified. You don’t need to use more than 2-3 drops because it comes in pure lavender oil and extra usage can cause adverse results.

Aroma Magic Lavender Oil
Aroma Magic Lavender Oil

Rating –


Whether I would recommend this product again ??

Yes, of course I would recommend this product for its multiple uses.