Aromamagic Jojoba Oil Reviews

Aromamagic Jojoba Oil Reviews

Aromamagic Jojoba Oil Review

Hi Girlies..!!

I am back with a review of an oil. I have found a new love for oils these days as they are really effective, being pure. This one is called jojoba oil but pronounced as “ho-ho-ba” oil. Oils should be a part of daily care routine. Mostly there are two types of oils, essential oils and carrier oils. Essential oils are to be mixed with carrier oil before applying on face while carrier oils can be used alone or with essential oils. Using essential oils alone can cause skin reddening, itching as they are very strong.

The jojoba oil which I would be talking about today is actually a melted type of vegetable wax.  It has the composition similar to sebum (human skin oil) produced by the body. When we apply this oil onto the skin, the skin confuses that it is producing enough skin oil, thus preventing it further. Hence, specially acne skin people can use this oil without fear, as it is completely non-comedogenic. Jojoba plant is grown in hot areas across the world. This oil has loads of benefit for face, hair and body.Before I go into the review of Aromamagic Jojoba oil, let me introduce you to Satthwa Jojoba Oil which i recently came across, it is 100% pure and cold pressed oil which retains all the qualities of Jojoba oil and it is very affordable at the same time, to know more, head on over to the website of Satthwa Jojoba Oil.

Satthwa Jojoba Oil
Satthwa Jojoba Oil

So, let us look at the detailed review of Aromamagic Jojoba Oil.

Aromamagic Jojoba Oil
Aromamagic Jojoba Oil

Product Description of Aroma Magic Jojoba Oil:

This oil can be used on acne and pimple prone skin. It is good for dry and sensitive skin.

Direction for use:

It is a carrier oil, can be used either pure or mixed with other carrier oils. Carrier oils can also be mixed with essential oils before use. Apply oil on face, massage and leave on the skin for night time. It can be even added with glycerin and used as a moisturizer.

Aromamagic Jojoba Oil
Aromamagic Jojoba Oil

Shelf Life :

24 months

Price :

INR 925 for 120 ml


The bottle is plastic white in color with a red cap. The cap is flip type and does not fit that well to the bottle. I find it very messy when I have to carry it around, as there is always a leakage. I have transferred the content to another air tight bottle and use.

Aromamagic Jojoba Oil
Aromamagic Jojoba Oil


The oil is light and easy to absorb.

Key Ingredients:

As shown below

Aromamagic Jojoba Oil
Aromamagic Jojoba Oil

Pros of Aromamagic Jojoba Oil

  • Not tested on animals
  • Can be used as a make up remover
  • Can be used as a cuticle oil
  • Can be used to massage hair
  • Acts as leave on serum  after hair wash
  • Apply as night cream
  • Availability
  • Lasts long
  • No bothersome smell
  • Non comedogenic

Cons of Aromamagic Jojoba Oil

  • Expensive

    Aromamagic Jojoba Oil
    Aromamagic Jojoba Oil

My Experience With  Aromamagic Jojoba Oil

There is no particular smell to this oil. This bottle should last me another three to four months.There are numerous uses of this oil . But essentially, the few ways in which I use this oil are

There are numerous uses of this oil. But essentially, the few ways in which I use this oil are

  • I use this as my leave in serum after hair wash. The result is fizz free and totally manageable hair. This is much lighter oil than coconut or olive oil. This gives non-sticky and much controllable hair. This is totally chemical free and gives “poshan” to hair
  • Usually after removing dark nail enamel, nails turn yellowish and pale. I use this oil overnight on my cuticles and tadaaa.. , my nails are much healthier and polished the next morning. So, this oil also acts as cuticle oil.
  • I use this to remove my makeup. Just few drops on a cotton ball and my make is removed within minutes. No harsh chemicals and no rashes on skin.
  • I also use this in my weekly oil cleansing method. I use jojoba oil with almond oil and tea tree essential oil for this method.
  • I also add to my weekly facial DIY
  • It can be also used as a plain moisturizer after bath. But then I cannot afford using it as a body moisturizer daily as it is very expensive. So, I add a few drops to my night cream and enjoy the benefits.
  • I also add few drops to my head massage oil ( jojoba + almond oil + coconut oil + olive oil + tea tree oil ).
  • A newly found use of this oil is that I massage it to my lips before going to bed, as lips get chapped in this season. I avoid doing the same during the day as I tend to taste it and it tastes yuck 🙁 .
  • Sometimes, I just apply onto my skin and I am off to sleep. The result is glowing and fresh skin in the morning.
  • One of the major use of this oil is in fighting acne. It helps to cleanse the clogged pores which results in splurging onto the skin which is actually the process of cleansing the skin. This will happen for few days until the skin starts clearing up from acne totally. So, do not give up hopes on this oil.

    Aromamagic Jojoba Oil
    Aromamagic Jojoba Oil



Whether I would recommend this product again ??

Overall, I would say it Aromamagic Jojoba Oil is a must have oil in product kitty. It can be used on face, body and hair. Rather than using chemical loaded products, buy this product which can be used as moisturizer, lip balm, night cream, leave in serum, cuticle cream and the list goes on….