Ashwini Homeo Arnica Hair Oil Reviews

Ashwini Homeo Arnica Hair Oil Reviews

Ashwini Homeo Arnica Hair Oil

Hola again,

This time I’m getting straight into the topic from the very start. My product for now is Ashwini Homeo Arnica Hair oil. Sounds a bit boring eh ??!! Well then you must go through the entire blog to know about the benefits you can get out of it. My maa is always very fond of homeopathic remedies especially when it comes to skin and hair problems. My maa suggested me give the product a try. I was basically looking for some hair oil for my daily hair-care. But what this product gave me, I didn’t expect it from such a budget product. So if you’re having any kind of hair problem, you must go through this product as it will never let you down. Here I go with the detailed description it.

What it claims:

Improves blood circulation to the hair roots thereby stops hair fall and promotes hair growth. Also controls dandruff, removes headache, induces good sleep and maintains natural color of the hair.

About this product:

As I told you, I was looking for some basic hair oil, Ashwini Homeo Arnica Hair Oil gave me much more beyond it. It comes in a flap capped bottle and is green in color. The hair oil itself is green in color and is having a medicinal smell that also somehow similes coconut oil. The oil is kind of heavy in consistency and needs a bit effort to get evenly spread on the entire scalp.

Ashwini Homeo Arnica Hair Oil
Ashwini Homeo Arnica Hair Oil

Price as on 18.10.2014: 85 INR for a bottle of 200 ml

Shelf Life: 3 years from the date of manufacturing. 

Key Ingredients:

Ashwini Homeo Arnica Hair Oil
Ashwini Homeo Arnica Hair Oil

Directions to use:

Message directly on the scalp, for best results leave it overnight. 

What did I feel after using it:

The first and foremost thing I would like to tell when discussing about Ashwini Homeo Arnica Hair Oil is, I’ve fallen in love with it. At first glance I hated its boring name and also the packaging. But from the very first use, the benefits it has got me, is outstanding. Honestly, I didn’t expect this much from an 85 INR hair oil. I generally warm up the oil a bit and then apply this all over my hair and scalp. My hairfall problem has got its way away from me. I also used to get dandruff during those dry wintery days, but with the use of Ashwini Homeo Arnica Hair Oil, I don’t need to scribble my scalp anymore. And surprisingly you won’t need to wait for three-to-six months to see the beneficial results. Before bed application of it gets me a sound sleep that I don’t even remember if I’ve dreamt a dream that night LOL.

Ashwini Homeo Arnica Hair Oil
Ashwini Homeo Arnica Hair Oil

Things I loved about it:

  • Its ingredients, herbal and side-effect free
  • Reduces hair fall very effectively
  • Prevents dandruff
  • Gets removed easily in a single foamy wash
  • Quite affordable
  • Makes hair so silky that you’ll feel like caressing it.

Things that need to get improved:

  • The packaging could be better.
  • I don’t at all like the medicinal smell of it, it’s kind of overpowering.
  • It isn’t travel friendly at all as there are chances to leakage out of the flap-cap and then you won’t be so pleased seeing your belongings all oiled up.

Looking at the cons if you’re thinking if you should by a bottle for yourself then I’ll say, sweeties please do ignore those few points as I did. The other goodnesses of the same is far more important that the packaging or the fragrance. You’ll fell in love with the product. Go grab it :).