Avon Clear Mascara reviews

Avon Clear Mascara reviews

How To Make Your Eyes Clear And Beautiful?

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Avon clear mascara Reviews

Before, it was kohl. Now, its mascara! Most women will balk at the thought of using a clear mascara, having been accustomed to using thick dark black mascara before. While it did lend a lot of character and bold definition to the eyes, the clear mascara unlocks the natural beauty of your eyelashes, instead of imparting an artificial tone to them.

Product Description:


It comes in a tube, transparent body, and a pink top with a white colored application brush.  It is completely 100 % fragrance free as well as a 100% fiber free, as mentioned on the bottle. You can easily remove it using a little soap and water; though take care to not get any into your eyes.

How to Use:


You can use them like any normal mascara, owing to the brush provided at the top. Hold the brush horizontally and apply to your upper lashes, from base to tip, making sure to curl them up. Use steady strokes. For the lower lashes, hold the wand vertically, and apply evenly using short strokes. Let it dry and set. You can now apply a second coat if you desire.


Costly yes, but simply because of the fact that clear mascara doesn’t have much to show for its high value!


My Experience

The brush is densely packed which ensure that all the bristles get evenly coated, whenever you immerse it in the clear gel. It is very light on the eyes for a gel, and does not tend to weigh them down at all. You won’t feel like gravity has a bone to pick with your eyelids. Upon application it tends to the last the evening. It doesn’t harden or curl up your eyelashes, but perfectly conditions them throughout.


Overall you don’t really get much more than you already have. It doesn’t add a lot of volume to nor does it lengthen it. Just a superlative version of your own lashes! The clear mascara is perfect for those days when you just want to look natural, and not spend a ton of time on eye makeup. Great for everyday wear. If you use an ash curler, it might clump up a bit, but on its own it has no such effect. You technically shouldn’t be expecting so much of clear mascara, but it could have been a perk. 


  • No irritation caused to the eyes or skin.
  • Its lightweight formula makes it perfect for an all day wear.
  • Mild definition for the eyes, enhancing that natural look.
  • Fragrance free.
  • Doesn’t stiffen the lashes upon drying.
  • Transparent leak proof case.


  • The wand/brush is kind of thick and rough. It’ll take some practice before you master their treacherous bristles.
  • It is kind of priced on the higher side

Will I use it again?

Maybe! But that’s only because I prefer to keep my eyes free of makeup. You go right ahead. Try it.