avon foot works reviews

avon foot works reviews

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Cracked heel is the common problem of millions of people. Most of the time people forget to take care of the foot as well as the heel. Their concentration remains stick to the caring of face, but often they ignore to take care of the foot properly. Thus it becomes a common problem which is not restricted to the dry climate of winter, rather throughout the year. Nowadays, this tendency of facing such problem is gradually increasing with the growing rate of pollution and its bad impact up on the environment.

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Previously I was among them who hardly take care of the foot. But from when I started realizing the definition of complete beauty, I started taking interest in foot care. I was wandering for a perfect soft soothing foot cream. My vigorous search suddenly introduced me with my present foot cream namely Avon foot works. With this cream I met a completely rejuvenating foots with soft, smooth texture. After continuous use of this cream, I got the answer of how to get buttery soft foots.

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Its application needs a special process for better result. 3 layers of this cream should be applied all over the foot and wrap the foots with a hot towel. If someone follows this cream in this recommended way, it is guaranteed to get the answer of how to get buttery soft foots.


  • It is not at all super greasy.
  • It moisturizes the foot and soon absorbed by the skin.
  • It leaves a silky smooth feel.
  • It is vitamin E enriched cream
  • Price is quite reasonable and within everyone’s budget


  • First problem of this product is that it is not widely available in the market.
  • It contains methyl paraben
  • It has no smell


Water, Glycerine, Alcohol, Stearic acid, Sweet almond oil, Tocopheryl acetate, Macadamia Ternifoolia seed oil, Vitamin E, Methyl paraben, Paraffin, Benzyl alcohol, Fragrance, Phenoyehanol, Caramel, Disodium EDTA, Aloe barbadensis leaf juice, Dimethicone.

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Since it is enriched with vitamin E, it is strongly recommended to use every day. It certainly removes the extra tan. With the regular use of this cream, anyone can get the answer of how to get buttery soft foots. It is formulated with lactic acids, vitamin, E, B, C and aloe Vera. Due to presence of these natural elements, it really helps to feel the feet more cushioned, softer, less tied, and more comfortable.

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I have tried a lot of foot creams, but finally stick to this particular one because of its excellent quality and unbelievable effect. Without having a pair of healthy foot, our entire look doesn’t get its completeness. In everyday life, due to the cracked heel, many times, we have to face some embarrassing situation and moreover it is very painful. But with the application of this cream, we can definitely get our desired beautiful pair of foot. Every age of people can use it without any hesitation and its cost is very much affordable. It starts showing effect within a week of every day application of this cream. With the appearance of this cream, millions of people get the answer of how to get buttery soft foots.

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