avon naturals rose and rose hips fairness face wash

avon naturals rose and rose hips fairness face wash

How to get flaw less beautiful bright skin?

Environment is changing continuously. After billions of years later, our universe experienced a great civilization, but at the cost of her virginity of beautiful pure environment. Nowadays, it is hard to find a single place without pollution. The bad impact of such environmental pollution significantly reflected in our skin which is barely opened throughout the day. If we neglect to take care of it properly, this day is not so far while we become old with wrinkled, patchy and tanned skin with dull look.

avon-naturals-rose-and -rose-hips-fairness-face-wash

Since a long time, I was in search of the secret behind bright and vivacious skin. I always keep asking myself how to get flaw less beautiful bright skin. In pursuit of this, I tried numbers of different face wash. But ultimately my search ends up with rose and rose hips fairness foamy face wash. With every single application of this product, it leaves an instantaneous bright, clear and fair look, which is considered as the enough cause of feeling good and confident from inside.

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It is suggested for all skin type, but especially effective for the women having oily skin to remove the extra oil from their skin and stay with pimple free flawless bright skin. With a long term application, it rejuvenates the skin with soft, smooth, and rosy glow texture. This face wash is vitamin C enriched product. Vitamin C is widely known for its skin whitening properties. So with the application of this face wash, it is possible to get the answer of how to get flaw less beautiful bright skin with oil free clear rejuvenating and bright texture.

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Water, PEG-6, Potassium Hydroxide,  Glycerine, Sodium Lauryl Sulphate, Stearic acid, Myristic acid, Rosa canina fruit extract, Centifolia flower extract, Fragrance, Stearamide AMP, Phenoxyethanol.

Avon naturals rose and rose hips fairness face wash review

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Pros: –

  • Fragrance of the face wash is very soothing, pleasant and mild.
  • Price of the product is very reasonable and affordable. It is only rs 149 for 100 ml.
  • Small amount of the product is required in each application.
  • Its look is foamy kind of which is desired by most of the women and no chance to split over. We can carry it everywhere taking inside of our clutch.
  • It never leaves any residue or oiliness which may make us feel slippery.
  • It makes the skin very bright and exfoliates the dead cell if any. Thus it leaves a radiant look.
  • Instead of 2-3 times of application, there is no chance of the dryness of the skin.
  • It cleans off the makeup completely and helps us to get rid of dirt and grime quite effectively
  • Its tube packaging certainly makes it very hygienic and easy to use.
  • Its smell is amazing, which is the love of every user. Because it smells like rose petal.

Cons: –

  • It contains SLS
  • Waterproof mascara is not possible to be removed by this face wash
  • Since it is a product of AVON which is not widely sold in every shop, it is a bit problematic to get.

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After using since the couple of years, finally I got the ultimate product which certainly accomplishes my exact requirement. With it, I got my answer of how to get flaw less beautiful bright skin. Today I can confidently suggest everyone to use it boldly. Because it has no side effects and made up with pure materials and the price is very reasonable. If you get a discount offer (which is very common in AVON product), then trust me, it will come at the amazing price perhaps, you never think of it.