Axiom Ayurveda Neem Oil Review

Axiom Ayurveda Neem Oil Review

Axiom Ayurveda Neem Oil Review

Hey ladies, I shall be reviewing a couple of Neem based products for you in the upcoming articles. Although, I knew it since many years that Neem is useful for treating a broad spectrum of skin infections/ diseases, it is only since the past 15 days or so that I started using this to tackle my skin problems like back acne and even to prevent mosquito bites. Axiom Ayurveda is an old and trusted brand of Ayurvedic medicines and skin/ hair care products just like Patanjali. Read on below to know more about this Neem oil/ Neem Tailam..

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Product description:

This product is meant to be used in all types of skin diseases, Gonorrhea, wounds, cuts, urticaria, rheumatism. It is best to consult an Ayurvedic doctor before knowing the exact mechanism of usage of this oil.

Axiom Ayurveda Neem Oil
Axiom Ayurveda Neem Oil

Directions of usage:

For my back acne and to prevent mosquito bites on exposed parts of skin, I have been told mix a little of this Neem oil with my body lotion and apply lavishly on skin. This way, the bitter smell of this oil gets diluted and also mixed with a lotion, it is easier to spread on skin as compared to when used directly as it is a thick and concentrated oil.


INR 60 for 60 ml

Axiom Ayurveda Neem Oil
Axiom Ayurveda Neem Oil


This comes in a dark coloured, plastic bottle. The cap is made out of plastic too and closes tightly. This does not leak as such but I would not dare carry it in a bag since, it is a dark coloured oil and might stain your clothes. The bottle is wrapped with some paper labels.


This is a pretty thick textured oil just like castor oil.

Axiom Ayurveda Neem Oil
Axiom Ayurveda Neem Oil

Pros of Axiom Ayurveda Neem oil

  • It is an Ayurvedic remedy that is free from any kind of side effects.
  • can be used in any kind of bacterial skin infections
  • effective in itching, rashes and urticaria
  • has certain medicinal uses too
  • applying it on skin prevents mosquito bite which is great since Delhi is on official outspread of Dengue

Cons of Axiom Ayurveda Neem oil

  • Dark coloured so might stain clothes
  • very bitter smell
  • exact method of use needs to be discussed with somebody who has a good knowledge of Ayurveda

Key ingredients:

Neem oil

Axiom Ayurveda Neem Oil
Axiom Ayurveda Neem Oil

My experience with Axiom Ayurveda Neem oil

The texture of this oil is thick which I did not find very user friendly so, I asked somebody who recommended me to mix this oil in equal proportions with body lotion to make the consistency more easy to work with and spreads easily. You can also add some drops of this oil to your bathing water. When mixed with a lotion, it gets absorbed into skin fully only leaving a healthy shine behind. It is not sticky as such once it is fully absorbed. The smell is not at all of my liking but then, I did not expect a floral smell from a Neem oil. It has been just 15 days since I have been using this oil so, cannot say that I have experienced any drastic changes in my skin. It certainly has reduced mosquito bites on me and controlled skin dryness and itching, too.There have not been any fresh breakouts since I started using this. I cannot comment about the fainting of pigmentation and disappearance of previous acne, so far.



Whether I would recommend this product again?

Yes, I would surely try using it for a couple of months since Ayurvedic remedies always take their own time to show results. Since, it is free from any kind of side effect, I can recommend it to all as this certainly is a good skin emollient. About acne, I will surely post a comment soon regarding how effective this product is.