Ayorma Fairness Daily Scrub Review

Ayorma Fairness Daily Scrub Review

Ayorma fairness daily scrub Review

Hey amazing ladies out there reading this post. I am going to review an exceptionally good fairness scrub!! Although, I did not buy it for the purpose of improvement of complexion. I just wanted something mild enough for exfoliation on daily basis. I swear guys, I have used god knows how many number of scrubs, this one has been THE BEST facial scrub, I have ever come across. For those of you, who do not know much about this product line, it is a herbal product line that makes preservative free products for skin care. Continue reading further details below…

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Ayorma Fairness Daily Scrub
Ayorma Fairness Daily Scrub

Product description:

This scrub is mild enough for use on face to carry out exfoliation on daily basis. Using this scrub gently removes dead skin cells, accumulated impurities in skin pores and fresh tanning also. It improves the texture of your skin, too making it appear luminous


Rs. 279.00 for 50 Grams

There are smaller packs available, too

Ayorma Fairness Daily Scrub
Ayorma Fairness Daily Scrub


The one I have got is a White tube with the product details written in Olive Green colour. The cap has to be rotated to open & close. To dispense the product, squeeze the tub. I guess, for more quantities, there is a tub pack available, too.


Light creamy base with very fine granules that are not at all gritty and are just appropriate in texture to use on face. The scrub beads are very finely milled!!

Ayorma Fairness Daily ScrubAyorma Fairness Daily Scrub
Ayorma Fairness Daily Scrub

Pros of Ayorma fairness daily scrub

  • Awesome texture for facial use
  • The coarseness of scrub beads is perfect for use on face. It is not gritty
  • It imparts a cooling and refreshing on skin
  • The tingling sensation lasts for some time
  • The smell is very energizing to use early mornings and at the end of a long day at work
  • You need just a little bit almost a penny sized quantity for a single use
  • It gives a nice massaging effect on skin with it’s finely milled scrub beads
  • It is easy to rinse off with plain water without leaving a residue on skin
  • It does not break me out or cause any sort of skin irritation
  • Peppermint fragrance is invigorating
  • Agreeable price that does not hurt the pocket
  • No added parabens and preservatives
  • Goodness of Lavender oil, Orange oil, Geranium oil and Licorice extracts

Cons of Ayorma fairness daily scrub

  • None except it cannot be used on body since, it is a milder one suitable for face

Key ingredients:

Licorice and Curcuma Extracts (Ambahalad Ark), Orange Peel (Santra Chal Ark) , French Lavender Oil ,Egyptian Geranium Oil 

Ayorma Fairness Daily Scrub
Ayorma Fairness Daily Scrub

My experience with Ayorma fairness daily scrub

My personal experience of using this product has been very pleasant due to it’s excellent texture. The scrub beads are just perfect for use on face. They have a texture similar to very finely ground Rice flour. These are not at all scratchy but do excellent exfoliation, none the less. The smell is very refreshing in mornings when you need something to kick start your day. The cool, minty feeling is awesome too. My skin feels thoroughly clean and devoid of all the grime and impurities and very fresh after using this scrub. Since, too much quantity is not needed for a single use; it turns out to be quite economical, too. Due to presence of essential oils, it does not stretch out my skin, too.



Whether I would recommend this product again?

Sure shot thing, I recommend this product for all the skin types since this scrub removes dead skin and excess oils without stripping off skin’s natural moisture. It is ideal for sensitive skin to that cannot bear coarse granules.