Barbie Deodorant Review

Barbie Deodorant Review

The Barbie Deodorant

Hello everyone. Are you allergic to bad body odors? Yes I am definitely allergic to those situations when you are in a packed public transport and you have to deal with such situations; fighting against the bad odors. Everyone wants to smell good and do not want to emit any kind of bad body smell.

But in our day today life do we completely fight out this problem? Actually it’s negative. The truth is often our desire not to emit bad body odor conflicts with our desire to look the best.

The use of anti per spirants and body deodorants are very much common these days. These products are very much useful to stop underarm sweat as well as they cover up the smell when we sweat.

Barbie Deodorant
Barbie Deodorant

Be careful with the ingredients

There are many harmful chemicals that are often used for the production of anti per spirants and body deodorants. These harmful substances not only affect your skin, but also create several other problems. One of the most common problems is pit stains. Pit stains are mainly caused by those deodorants that contain aluminum. Aluminum is an effective substance which helps to reduce sweat. But one of its major demerits is it leaves a yellowish stain in your white or light colored shirt or dress. But sometimes you have to overlook such matters if you want to smell good.

Alcohol is another critical substance that is often used in body deodorants and anti per spirants that leave pit stains. It looks horrible when you get pit stains or marks on your dark clothes.

Barbie Deodorant
Barbie Deodorant

There are several similar deodorants and anti per spirants available in the market and people commonly use them. They over look the demerits of the products just to fulfill, the desire of getting a sweet smelling body odor.

But the good news is there are products readily available in the market that not only provide good smell but also prevent under arm staining. Yes. These are aluminum and alcohol free deodorants.

Recently I bought myself an alcohol free Barbie Deodorant.

About the product

Available in a long cylindrical shape tin container, the Barbie deodorant would surely attract many girls with its superb design and the attractive pink texture. Teenagers would easily get tempted towards the product for its awesome Disney Barbie graphics.

Barbie Deodorant
Barbie Deodorant

Key features

  • Long lasting smell
  • Mesmerizing odor
  • Anti per spirant

Key ingredients

  • Propellant
  • Cyclomethicone
  • Isopropyl Myristate
  • Fragrance
  • Triclosan
  • Hydrocarbon

Directions for use

Now; do I need to explain? We all know very well that you need to shake the bottle well before use. And keep in mind that the can should be upright and 6 inches away from the body while spraying.

Barbie Deodorant
Barbie Deodorant

Pros of the Barbie Deodorant

  • It has a sweet smelling fragrance
  • Available in other fragrance choices too
  • Long lasting fragrance
  • Value for money
  • Alcohol free

Cons of the Barbie Deodorant

Well it is quite hard to find any demerits of this product. It just contains too much of chemicals, that are not good for sensitive skins.

Will I reuse the product?

Of course I would love to reuse this particular product. Besides having a sweet fragrance, it is alcohol free and gives a long lasting smell. It is also a nice anti per spirant. I would simply conclude saying this product is totally a value for money. Take care