Barbie Hand Gel Reviews

Barbie Hand Gel Reviews

Barbie Hand Gel Reviews

Hello Girls…!!!

I am back with a super cute and “hygienic” product! To look good you must feel good! And to feel good you need to be clean! You need to be free from germs that mostly deposit on your skin layer. Usually we do not have the proper sanitation facility around! Therefore the trend setters have invented a new product called as “sanitizer”. You must be aware of what its job is! But for the ones who are not aware of the usage let me explain what a sanitizer is? It is an antibacterial gel that is used instead of water and soap to clean your hands properly. These hand gel are super effective and works really well to clean your hands fully! The sanitizer that I am going to review is from the range of “Disney” products. The name itself suggests the feminine context! Read further for this product.

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Barbie Hand Gel
Barbie Hand Gel

Product description

Barbie hand gel provides you with an all new and awesome way of cleaning your palms in a jiffy, without soap or water! You just need to pour down some liberal amount of gel on to your hand/palm and then rub a bit within seconds it will evaporate leaving your hands clean with a perfume like fragrance!

Directions for use

Pour about 3-4 drops of this hand gel on to your palms then rub your hands front, back and fro. And you are done with you process of cleaning hands without any soap! Wow!

Shelf life

3 years

Barbie Hand Gel
Barbie Hand Gel


60 rupees only! I love the pricing.


Super cute and super girly packaging it has! The hand gel comes in a small, cute plastic bottle with a flip cap over it! The Barbie print on the bottle is my favorite!


The texture of this product can be compared with water! It is as thin as water! But it works a bit different. When you rub your hands it evaporates and leaves your hand dry like they were before!

Barbie Hand Gel
Barbie Hand Gel

Key ingredients

Mentioned below in the image.

Barbie Hand Gel
Barbie Hand Gel

Pros of Barbie hand gel

  • The product is Anti bacterial
  • The product comes with a perfume like fragrance
  • The product is super cute and girly to carry
  • It cleans hands like a pro
  • It provides the same satisfaction like you wash your hands with water!
  • Its travel friendly
  • Its super affordable
  • The gel evaporates quickly and dry my hands.

Cons of Barbie hand gel

No cons !

Barbie Hand Gel
Barbie Hand Gel

My experience with Barbie hand gel

This hand gel is a product which everyone must carry! As our hands do a lot of jobs! Especially when we travel in public transports we can never trust our own hands to be clean though they even look fresh! In my opinion you must wash your hands after every 2 hours! If you cannot wash then use these type of products! When I got this product I actually gave a try that what might happen if I use it! Honestly it is something which I will buy again and again! Now I do not need to worry about my hands anymore. Before having any meal I always use it! It’s amazing fragrance makes me use this product again and again! The “B-A-R-B-I-E” Barbie girl! Is my favorite part! All and all it is an amazing deal to your bag!


5/5 this product deserves this rating!

Whether I would recommend this product again?

Of course I will. As cleanliness is always the first option to choose.