BioCare Coffee Gel Scrub Review

BioCare Coffee Gel Scrub Review

BioCare Coffee Gel Scrub Review

Hey sweethearts!! Scrubbing is as much a part of skin care as is the good old CTM. The only difference being, while you need a thorough skincare regimen on daily basis. Scrubbing is usually, recommended only twice to thrice in a week. I have tried a lot of Creamy scrubs in the past so, this time, I thought of trying out something different. I happened to buy this gel based scrub a few days back. I am currently using it only for my body as the skin on my face is quite sensitive and I stick to only tried and tested  brands of skin care products. Read on to know more…

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BioCare Coffee Gel Scrub
BioCare Coffee Gel Scrub

Product description

This coffee based gel scrub helps in Cleansing, scrubbing and nourishing your skin with its hydrating formula. This has been enriched with the extracts of  natural properties of Coffee Beans. 

Directions for use:

Massage on skin in circular motion after washing with soap or body wash. The scrubbing effect is always better after steaming when your pores are open and the dirt and impurities can be removed easily.

BioCare Coffee Gel Scrub
BioCare Coffee Gel Scrub


Rs 299 for 500 ml


It comes in a plastic jar that has some paper labels around it with all the necessary product details. The cap needs to be rotated to close/ open. There is an aluminium foil that maintains the hygiene of the product till it is finally opened.

BioCare Coffee Gel Scrub
BioCare Coffee Gel Scrub


It is a medium consistency gel with scrub particles.

BioCare Coffee Gel Scrub
BioCare Coffee Gel Scrub

Pros of BioCare Coffee Gel Scrub

  • Scrubs the body well leading to a good exfoliating effect
  • Did not cause any breakouts or any type of irritation on my skin.
  • Economic price as compared to many body scrubs available in market
  • The gel spreads easily on skin helping you work easily with the scrub.
  • Quantity is good and the jar would last for a good amount of time
  • Leak proof jar packaging.
  • Good for oily skin if you want a break from creamy scrubs.

Cons of BioCare Coffee Gel Scrub

  • The jar packaging is not something I am very fond of due to hygiene reasons.
  • The smell of this body scrub is not coffee like instead, it is a bitter smell. I do not like it at all.
  • Due to gritty particles, not very suitable for facial skin. You definitely need something gentler for your face.
  • Might not be a perfect choice for sensitive skin types due to apricot/ walnut scrub beads.
  • Heavy jar packaging that is not easy to carry around as it is.

Key ingredients

Please refer to the image below

BioCare Coffee Gel Scrub
BioCare Coffee Gel Scrub

My experience with BioCare Coffee Gel Scrub

I purchased this scrub about a fortnight back and used it quite sometimes now. The consistency, grittiness and the way this gel based scrub spreads and glides on skin is good enough. It does cause a good exfoliation effect, too. I bought this jar pack because the quantity was good and my back is quite acne prone due to oily nature and dead skin cells. I use this gel as body scrub, every alternate day. One thing I am very disappointed is it’s smell. When I think of Coffee, I expect a rich aroma instead, this scrub smells quite bitter. However, it does clean up body well and makes the skin feel smooth.



Will I recommend this product again?

I will not repurchase this particular variant. I have used the diamond scrub from the same brand which was cream based and it had an acceptable smell. Apart from the smell, I found no problems with using this product as a routine body scrub. This is not to be used on face though.