Biotique Bio Sandalwood Face and Body Sun Lotion Review

Biotique Bio Sandalwood Face and Body Sun Lotion Review

Protect Your Skin with Biotique Bio Sandalwood Face and Body Sun Lotion Review

Hi friends.

It is morning and time to go out for your office, college or your places of occupation. Are you reluctant to get out of your home in this scorching heat? Well, you should be. Given the fact that sun is shining right on the top of the sky and is beating down, is certainly not something you are going to enjoy while you are on the street. But, is there really any reason to feel so reluctant? I mean, it is just a matter of few hours! Then you will be inside your air-conditioned office room, away from the sun god. If that’s what you think, then think it twice. I am sure you are not concerned about momentary discomforts. It is the long term effects that worries you, and there is enough reason to be worried.

Every time, irrespective of the season, you go out under the sun, you are causing some sort of damage to your skin. This effect maximizes during the summers. The harmful ultra violet rays of the sun hits your skin and causes “erythematic”, which is also known as sunburn. Do I need to explain what its effects are? Well, the immediate effect would be darkening of your skin. You will find your entire complexion has changed when you return home at the end of the day. The long term effect might be skin cancer! Does it raise any red flags? It should. But, thankfully you are not left unprotected. You have Biotique Bio Sandalwood Face and Body Sun Lotion to protect you and your skin.


Biotique Bio Sandalwood Face and Body Sun Lotion

This body lotion, which is rich in nutrients, helps protect your skin with SPF 50 UVA/UVB sunscreen. It is made up with 100% botanical extracts. It helps to reduce the chances of skin cancer, aging of skin and other damaging effects of the sun. This body lotion is pure and free from all kinds of preservative. To ensure that no side effects are imposed, it is dermatologist tested.

  • ingredients

This body lotion is made of the following ingredients –

a)      White Chandan

b)      Nag Kesar

c)      Ashwagandha

d)      Honey

e)      Ankurit Gehun

f)       Blood Chandan

g)      Arjun

h)      Himalayan water

i)        Sunflower

j)        Mom, and

k)      Lodhra


All of these ingredients are natural and are used in a scientific manner to produce a body lotion.

  • How to use

It is very easy to use – apply a few drops gently before you get exposed to the sun. You are safe for the entire day.

  • Pros and cons 

Pros – Something which is powerful enough to protect you from the rage of the all might sun, must have some benefits. They are –


a)      The presence of herbal and natural ingredients

b)      Suits all types of kin

c)      Acts as a moisturizer

d)      Very tender on skin

e)      No greasy feeling

f)       Has a nice sandalwood smell to it.

g)      Water resistant, so can be applied while going for swimming as well.


Cons – There are certain drawback as well!

a)      Needs to be reapplied

b)      The packaging is not convenient enough.


Given the benefits you can derive from this product, these minor disadvantages can always be overlooked.  Girls please share your views!