biotique mountain ebony fresh growth stimulating serum review

biotique mountain ebony fresh growth stimulating serum review

How to make your hair feel great!

Biotique Mountain Ebony Fresh Growth Stimulating Serum Review

Hello Friends,

Hair problems are almost like nightmare that haunts every now and then. Hair is considered to be the most beautiful jewel for both men and women. Thus when it suffers damage and loss it appears as if we are losing the most valuable part of body that endorses our beauty. With increasing pollution and exposure to chemicals present in water and other fashionables, hair damage has become a dominant problem. Further liver problems and dandruff are considered to be the internal factors responsible for hair fall and damage. In this respect I have come across a growth serum for hair provided by Biotique Brand and the name of the product is Biotique Mountain Ebony.


What does the product claim?

Biotique Mountain Ebony is a serum for hair growth and has been produced from rich extracts of long pepper, mountain ebony, euphorbia tree and glycyrrhizin that claim to keep hair healthy and string from root. Unlike other hair oils and serums that make hair oily, it is non- sticky and for maximum result it can be applied both at morning as well as at evening hours. It relieves the scalp and keeps it stimulated and clearly toned. With Mountain Ebony as an active ingredient the serum has got magical healing properties for hair root. While using the product I have found it quite relaxing on scalp. Further it gives a feeling of increased hair volume. Further it makes hair dark and smooth soon after application. The most important thing is that it does not cause any form of hair fall which is the most unwanted event.





The product is composed of the following natural ingredients:

  • Neem (1.0%)
  • Pippali (0.5%)
  • Mulethi (2.0%)
  • Kachnar (2.0%)
  • Himalayan water
  • Pudina (1.5%)



  • Mountain Ebony is growth serum for hair and causes no hair fall.
  • It makes hair look increased in volume and causing no scarce appearance.
  • It is non-sticky unlike other hair oils and gels and mixes firmly with the scalp. Even upon applying more it remains non- sticky. Thus it does not attract dust floating in the air and keeps hair clean and stimulant.
  • Upon application on hair for 10 minutes it gives an immediate dark appearance to hairs along with shine.
  • It is devoid of any chemical preservatives and is almost like a true natural offering.
  • It causes scalp relaxation which is quite beneficial for hair growth.
  • The overall packaging of the product is attractive and who ever looks at it gives it a try.
  • There is no alcohol or unwanted vitalizer in the product.



  •  The product is meant for application on scalp and not directly on hair.
  • It is not recommended to comb hair immediately after application of serum on scalp. The scalp being wet may cause hair fall.
  • The price of the product is a bit high as compared other product ranges in the market thereby making it a premium product.


So girls you can buy this and try it for sure!