Blue Heaven Long Lash Mascara Reviews

Blue Heaven Long Lash Mascara Reviews

Define Your Eyes with Blue Heaven Long Lash Mascara

Hello Girlss…!!! 🙂

Today I will tell you about an attractive product for your eyes that makes your eyes more up-to-date, and the product name is Blue Heaven long lash Mascara. I got the thought to get this one, when I was looking a few goodies on the web.

I have long lash Mascara formally, still expected to give obtain in this Blue Heaven Brand. I have fused this Mascara on my Cart.

I was not imagined with unbelievable lashes. I do have immense tan eyes however my lashes are naturally truly typical. I have attempted false lashes, but I don’t have time for that reliably, and I need that enormous eye and immense measures of lashes look reliably. Consequently, I have accumulated hugs number of mascara tips to help me achieve this look.

Blue Heaven Long Lash Mascara
Blue Heaven Long Lash Mascara

There genuinely is not best mascara for amazing lashes. Rather, there are a gathering of mascaras that convey long and rich eye lashes, but when consolidated with incredible long lash mascara application tips… yes, then you get the occurs that have people approaching you for which mascara you are wearing over avocado.

Key Ingredients Blue Heaven long lash Mascara

Stearic acid, Magnesium Aluminum Silicate, Acrylates/Octycrylamide, Copolymer, Aluminum Starch Octenyl Succinate, Propylene Glycol, Vitamin-E, Approved Colors.

Price –

75 INR

Quantity –


Shell life –

2 1/2 years

Blue Heaven Long Lash Mascara
Blue Heaven Long Lash Mascara

My Experience with Blue Heaven long lash Mascara

This Golden color fulfilling me so much and I acquired this for this charming pack. I have joined it on my lashes for testing its water affirmation and distinctive quirks. It surrenders amazingly conventional complete with my lashes and securing 90% no. Gives wounded eye lashes and it looks so fine.

This Blue long lash Mascara does 85% what it say like water confirmation, rich, chip check and so on. The color looks like and offers totality to my lashes.

About this product, the people who thought it is a sensible brand need to open up their mouth by listening to their current worth rundown and need to leave the moderate brand thought. Along these lines, I have to rundown some other moderate beauty care products brands.

Lakme was a moderate cosmetics mark for all desi girls, now days Lakme expanding their product’s cost gradually.

I was in hunt through online shopping goals. I found this blue heaven long lash makeup brand is seems, by all accounts, to be truly direct with all plans. In this manner, I bought this mascara from this brand to give an endeavor. I would say this is not terrible, valuable for step by step use.

I am in love with this golden color pack than the mascara…hehehe… This is very little water verification mascara as it they asserts. I have utilized lakme mascara before and cherished it a considerable measure. My eye liner and mascara voyage began with Lakme just.

Blue Heaven Long Lash Mascara
Blue Heaven Long Lash Mascara

Pros of Blue Heaven long lash Mascara

  • Flawless splendid and cute Pack
  • Shabby and best
  • Waterproof 80%
  • Gives extraordinary totality to the lashes
  • No Flakiness
  • Effectively available and made in India

    Blue Heaven Long Lash Mascara
    Blue Heaven Long Lash Mascara

Cons of Blue Heaven long lash Mascara

  • It bunches a little anyway it claims prop affirmation
  • Full settling summary is not there.

My Ratings for Blue Heaven long lash Mascara

I want to give 8 out of 10 to this. Blue Heaven long lash Mascara is a fine product, and can be used for outside excursions and not a flawless one who needs immaculate mascara. I think this audit will help you part to take your choice while shopping. You can impart your individual experience to us and keep reading my post. And don’t forget to look “Stylish and Spicy”