Blue Heaven Personal Kajal Review

Blue Heaven Personal Kajal Review

Blue Heaven Personal Kajal Review

Hello girls,

how have you been? It’s so chilly here in this part of the country. I hope everyone is enjoying this season. I love winters as it’s easier for me to get into the blanket and make myself comfortable instead of summer when no amount of AC or cool things can’t keep you cool. This season is so good to explore all the makeup products as there is no sweating and skin become less oily so that product can stay for long. Today I will be reviewing kajal from the blue heaven. Let’s check out how this works

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Blue Heaven Personal Kajal
Blue Heaven Personal Kajal

Product Description of Blue Heaven Personal Kajal

This kajal from the house of blue heaven beautifies, soothes and Cools the eyes. Blue heaven has its presence in the cosmetic market with their nail enamels, lipstick, talc and many more products. They are quite reasonable too, so that they don’t burn any whole in pockets. This kajal is smooth, easy to apply and easy to carry around.

Direction for Use

As mentioned in above this kajal is easy to apply. You can always sharpen this whenever you feel that its tip has become broader.

Shelf Life

No such information provided on the pack

Blue Heaven Personal Kajal
Blue Heaven Personal Kajal

Price & Quantity

1.5gm of pack is priced at 50rs

Skin Type

Suitable for all skin types


This kajal comes in a silver white plastic non transparent packaging. This is a twist to open the pack. This is a small packaging different from other packs available in the market. This is a leak proof and easy to carry pack, which is packed quite nicely.

Blue Heaven Personal Kajal
Blue Heaven Personal Kajal


This kajal has nice texture. This glides well and doesn’t break when you apply this. This says that it is smudge free, but for my eyes this gets smudged.

Blue Heaven Personal Kajal
Blue Heaven Personal Kajal

Key Ingredients

No such information is provided on the pack

Pro’s of Blue Heaven Personal Kajal

  • Long Lasting
  • Medically Safe
  • No Side-effects
  • Available online too
  • Cheap price

Con’s of Blue Heaven Personal Kajal

  • Smudge easily

My Experience with Blue Heaven Personal Kajal

My experience with this kajal have been just average.  I just used if it for very few times. I liked its pricing and texture, but this kajal is not smudge free. I have combination skin and it’s a bit oily under my eyes. This makes kajal to spread and that’s the basic problem with this. This kajal says that this is a smudge free kajal, but for my eyes many kajal’s fail this smudge test, which make me so irritated. So this is a good and very reasonable kajal, but tries it only if normally kajal doesn’t get smudged in your eyes. To have a smudge free kajal is very essential for a makeup regime, because a smudged kajal can spoil the whole look of your face and can make you look dark and ugly and will show the dark circles under your eyes. So better go for a kajal which stays true to your eyes.


I would rate this kajal 2.5/5

Whether I would recommend this product again:

No, I would not, as this gets smudged easily and spoil the look of your face. Check out few more product reviews here blue heaven lipstick, the body shop white musk smoky rose eau de toilette