Coconut Verbena Hand Sanitizer Review

Coconut Verbena Hand Sanitizer Review

Coconut Verbena Hand Sanitizer Review

Hello girls , today the product for you all that is “coconut verbena hand sanitizer” from a brand called Zuci.Girls as it is really very important for us to get germ free. As the germs which are on our hands are the one’s which can really cause a bad effect to our health. The reason behind this fact is that we do all out work from our hands only and most importantly we eat with the help of our hands. Having a small cute bottle of sanitizer in our bag is a must! You must have watched the daily advertisements of lifebuoy or dettol! These act explain so good that how we are always around germs and bacteria’s. And these ultimately affect our health! We must always try and keep our hands clean. A sanitizer will help you do so.

Read further to know about this coconut verbena hand sanitizer from Zuci.

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Coconut Verbena Hand Sanitizer
Coconut Verbena Hand Sanitizer

Product description

Zuci has brought a new range of instant hand sanitizer. These hand sanitizers kills up to 99.99% of germs and contains vitamin e. These are also in different varieties the one which I am reviewing has coconut verbena.

Directions for use 

Dab the product onto your palm then spread it and rub over your back hands and fingertips until its dry.

If you are using a sanitizer for the first time then you might feel a bit sticky on your hands but its ok! As the product will evaporate soon.

Coconut Verbena Hand Sanitizer
Coconut Verbena Hand Sanitizer

Shelf life

3 years


This super cute and germ free bottle costs just rupees 40!

Coconut Verbena Hand Sanitizer
Coconut Verbena Hand Sanitizer


The bottle is really small and can be carried in your bag. The bottle has a flip over cap with a small nozzle to drop out the product in a reasonable amount. The product looks really attractive.


The sanitizer is in a gel cum water form and it contains small granules in it these are for deeper cleaning of your hands.

Coconut Verbena Hand Sanitizer
Coconut Verbena Hand Sanitizer

Key ingredients

Contains ethanol.

Pros of Zuci instant hand sanitizer

  • Instantly kills 99.9% germs.
  • You can carry it easily
  • It is affordable! Just 40 rupees.
  • The quantity of the product is reasonable according to the price.
  • The granules present inside the product are the one’s which makes this product even more attractive
  • It dries quickly
  • It does not let my hands dry at all. Instead it moisturizes them well
  • It contains vitamin E
  • It has coconut verbena in it

Cons of Zuci instant hand sanitizer

  • I couldn’t find any.

My experience with Zuci instant hand sanitizer

I got this product from “WH Smith” this is a store available at metro station. I purchased this product as soon as I saw it! As I already wrote that I strongly feel that we should always have means to clean our hands always! And sanitizer is one such discovery! This product is really nice and super effect full. The granules present inside the gel deeply clean up my hands. Moreover, this sanitizer is the one which contains vitamin E! Yes it does have moisturizing capabilities. This small and affordable bottle of sanitizer has made my habit of using is every time when I have to eat anything. The feeling of freshness instantly through this product is really satisfying. As every time I cannot have wash room or any water supply around to wash my hands. I am very “particular” towards the cleanliness of my hands. So therefore I like it the most.



Whether I would recommend this product again? 

Yes.. Not only this sanitizer! I would recommend every sanitizer.