Collection of rings bracelets and brooch

Collection of rings bracelets and brooch

Hello beauties,

Today I am going to review on jewelry.

This is my Collection of rings bracelets and brooch.

Now day’s different types of jewelries are available in market, but most they are duplicate also, so you just need to have some experience regarding different types of gems and trends of jewelry.

Now a days girls like delicate and trendy jewelries, gone are the days when people use to like heavy and traditional type of accessories.

Here I have a collection of crystal bracelets which are in trend now, main feature of these crystal bracelets’ is that it suits every one and they are available in different colors which can match your dress easily.

Do you know beauties this week end I have visited a carnival at Leamington spa UK, it was awesome, there I had purchased a crystal bracelet which is of violet color which goes with any dark color outfit.

I have a wide range of collection of bracelets and rings, I love pears and ruby ,it just fascinates me towards it ,I can’t come back vacant handed if I ever visit a jewelry shop ,I just pick up one pear jewelry .


Can you see the pink bracelet of crystal, it was my first gift I got from my hubby when we were just engaged, I just love it and it’s very precious for me and makes me remember that beautiful moments.


This is a bracelet of jade which are famous in NewZeland, this is heavy in weight but it looks beautiful when you wear it.


This is my favorite case of ring, heart shaped which you can gift your loved ones on valentine, this was gifted me on my last valentine with a pearl ring in it, it’s just my favorite and very precious for me. 

Types of Jewel:

* Diamond

* Jade

* Pearl

* Coral

* Ruby

* Crystal


ring,-bracelates-and-brouche6 ring,-bracelates-and-brouche5


This is a brooch which we can use in sarees as well as to pin up dupatta in dress; it just looks fashionable after wearing.


This bracelet is a combination of diamond, coral and pearl which looks lovely to wear.

So beauties if you like this article and my collection of jewelry just leave your comment and contact me at [email protected]