Color Care London Kajal Reviews

Color Care London Kajal Reviews

Color Care London Kajal Reviews

Hello readers, I don’t think that there is any lady or girls who haven’t used kajal in her life rather some girls use kajal as a daily wear cosmetic. Kajal has become an important part of our daily styling. After the introduction of smudge proof kajal from Maybelline we girls went mad about such an invention and purchased that kajal Like crazy (including me). The sad part is that we do not easily change out products unless and until someone checks and review about it! So here is a review about an awesome SMUDGE PROOF kajal from color care. The kajal comes with all natural ingredients which do not let your eyelids damage due to chemical. It provides all the good properties of a good kajal. Please read further for the detail about the product.

Color Care London Kajal
Color Care London Kajal

Product description

The color care london kajal has brought rich hued stick which is formulated to mime the ultra-soft texture of the Indian eye darkener which was traditionally used.

The lush formula of the kajal smooth on perfectly to our eyes without dragging across the fragile skin of the eye area.

It gives you bold, beautiful, darker color eyes which easily blends and beautifies your skin naturally.

Direction for use

Just by simply scrolling out the kajal stick out apply the kajal directly to your under eyelid. You may also apply it as an eyeliner because it is really smooth to apply. To make out thin strokes with the kajal are easy. As you can see in the image.

Color Care London Kajal
Color Care London Kajal

Shelf life

3 years


145 rupees


The product comes in plastic see through cap which tucks tight on the bullet. The kajal comes out by scrolling the bullet.


The texture of this kajal is really smooth and smudge proof! The color may get lightened till the day ends but does not melts. It stays where applied.

Color Care London Kajal
Color Care London Kajal

Key ingredients

Not mentioned in the product. 🙁

Pros of Color care london kajal

  • The kajal from color care has a Good packaging
  • The kajal has a very smooth texture
  • It is really easy to apply the kajal
  • The kajal from color care can be used as a eyeliner also due to its smooth texture
  • The kajal does is smudge proof
  • Affordable product
  • Easy to carry in my handbag

Cons of Color care London kajal

  • The color gets lightened till after some time.
Color Care London Kajal
Color Care London Kajal

My experience with Color care London kajal

I purchased this product from an online web site “homeshop18” it comes up with exciting new deals which makes you buy the product. That what happened with me also. Talking about the brand, I had never heard such brand earlier but after the application I felt that this is a brand which can give maybelline a tough competition. Trust me girls, this is equally good as maybelline kajal. Also, the packaging of the kajal is bit of the old style but it won’t bother you once you start using it. Now talking about the kajal itself, the kajal is super awesome. I do not found any staggering, or any lines coming through. It was really easy to apply on my both upper and lower lid. The texture is not only smooth but it is smudge proof also. Kajal is build up with all natural

Ingredients by this I am totally confident to use this product regularly to enhance my eyes. In all the kajal. Is a good buy for me.



I have reduced the rating because the color of the kajal gets lighter.

Whether I would recommend this product again?

Yea I will recommend it. As it is a good kajal Indeed and works equally good as any other kajal in the market.