Colorbar Nail Lacquer Review

Colorbar Nail Lacquer Review

 Colorbar Nail Lacquer Review

Hello girls! Today I am going to review an awesome product which is every girl’s favorite and is right on the top of their makeover list! “A nail paint” yes you must be wondering that how a nail paint can be so important? But trust me, without nail paint you are incomplete! Your whole attire will always miss a touch of color! As our hands express all our actions! So, It’s time to beautify your hands!

Colorbar Nail Lacquer
Colorbar Nail Lacquer

Product Description 

Colorbar Nail Lacquer Lime Margarita 096 claims to provide a super lustrous and gorgeous look to your nails. Super fast drying property and after effects makes it a great companion of urban and classy women on a go. The product is all the way from USA COLORBAR! This nail paint is very effective stays for more than a week; yes it is a bit light in color if you apply just one coat, for a perfect color you will have to apply 2-3 coats. The nail color is orange “095 tangerine mojito” this is a perfect orange color which is very hard to find.

Direction for Use:

You do not need a professional to apply this. Just apply it normally as you apply your other nail colors just one thing you need to remember while applying this nail paint is that you will have to be patient while it dries as it take more time comparatively to dry! But the color has no match than any other brand.  

Colorbar Nail Lacquer
Colorbar Nail Lacquer

Shelf Life 

Has a good life do not dry fast.

If you apply it regularly it will go on for 3 months approx.

Price rupees

Rs 175


Regular glass bottle.

Just check the seal while buying it!


It has a smooth liquid. It is easy to spread, and is thick liquid 

Colorbar Nail Lacquer
Colorbar Nail Lacquer

Key Ingredients:

As such no ingredients are mentioned on the bottle, but it smells like other nail paints only.

 Pros of Colorbar nail lacquer

  • It has a very perfect orange color, not even a slightest color difference.
  • It retain to the nail for more than a week, it is worth of your money!
  • It is not so expensive, even cheaper than other cosmetic brand products.
  • The brush sticks it long enough to handle and apply properly an neatly
  • The glass bottle is strong enough to prevent breakage if fallen by mistake.
  • It is not at all glossy it comes in a matte shade.

 Cons of Colorbar nail lacquer

  • It does not dry quickly, it takes a lot of time and you will have to patient enough.
  • It requires more than 2 coats to get a perfect color. In one coat you will not get a perfect color.

    Colorbar Nail Lacquer
    Colorbar Nail Lacquer

My Experience with Colorbar nail lacquer

When I first used this nail paint, i first time got a perfect orange color just as i wanted. This nail paint has been for more than a month with me now and still the quantity is good enough for further use. The only thing I did not like was that it takes a lot of time to dry on nails, but taking time it not a big issue for me.! As I was looking for a matte color nail paint that too in orange color so this was a perfect one for me

Colorbar Nail Lacquer
Colorbar Nail Lacquer


I would give 3.5/5. The reduction is rating just because of the time it takes to dry on nails.

Whether I would recommend this product again: 

Yes, of course! I would surely recommend it to all, as this color you can only get from colorbar only! As it is a new trendy, teenage color which is good enough to beautify your hands and nails. And you must try it!