Coloressence Misty Maroon Lipstick Reviews

Coloressence Misty Maroon Lipstick Reviews

Coloressence Misty Maroon Lipstick Reviews

Hello ladies, today I’m going to review my Moms favorite lipstick – Coloressence misty maroon .Wearing lipstick is an inseparable part of our Indian makeup. Many of us are have a hobby of collecting various lipsticks and its shades. I brought this lipstick to gift it to my mom, and she just loved it. Shade of the lipstick is light maroon; if dark maroon is your call then you may apply 1-2 more coats. This lipstick contains a little bit of golden shine in it and gives a matte finish look on application. It has a good lasting power i.e. it can stay up to 3-4 hours comfortably on your lips. It does not crack your lips, nor does it bleed out of your lips. 

Product description

It provides a matte finish on setting; you may compliment it with a colourless gloss to make your lips look fuller and glossy (only if you need). As mentioned before, it does not stretch your lips or make them dry.  Misty maroon, this colour is bold itself which helps you to make your lips appear fuller and attractive. It comes with a blend of coriander and basil leaves which helps to keeps your lip moisturized and healthy.

Coloressence Misty Maroon Lipstick
Coloressence Misty Maroon Lipstick

Direction for use

Always start it with your lip liner. Make a thin outline with a brown or maroon coloured lip liner to avoid your lipstick from falling out. Apply your lipstick from center and make sure to colour your edges clean.

Shelf life

2 years


175 Rs


This lipstick comes in a plastic packaging with a matte dark black case and a silver imprint of Coloreseence written on it. A silver strap goes around the case to identity the division of the lipstick. It loved the packaging the most.


This comes in 100% matte finish texture with golden tiny sparkles in it. It is never glossy after application and is super soft on lips.

Coloressence Misty Maroon Lipstick
Coloressence Misty Maroon Lipstick

Key ingredients

The lipstick cover is not in any condition that I could click a photo of it and explain you. But this is from there itself; the lipstick contains Coriander, basil leaves, Almond oil, Vitamin E. No animal extracts used in making of this product.

Pros of coloressence misty maroon

  • Does not stretch out your lips
  • Budget friendly product
  • Makes your lip look fuller and plump
  • Love with this evergreen Colour
  • Attractive packaging
  • Dries easily on your lip
  • Makes your lips look attractive

Cons of coloressence misty maroon

  • Always need a lip liner to make it complete as define your lips.
  • It is messy after 3-4 hours
  • When you wish to remove the shade from your lips , it does not get cleansed easily.

    Coloressence Misty Maroon Lipstick
    Coloressence Misty Maroon Lipstick

My experience with coloressence misty maroon

I brought this product from nearby beauty store to gift it to my mom. It caught my attention because of beautiful and bold colour, as my mom only wears maroon or brown in lip shades. She is a regular user of this lipstick, and I too got addicted to it soon. I love the mild fragrance of lipstick, and then its matte finish quality. I personally left it is the best product to go with for your short day parties that may end up in 3-4 hours. It starts smudging and falling out of lips after a certain period of time, which is a total mess. But overall I love this product and you should surely try this once. It is easily available online and also in nearby stores.

Coloressence Misty Maroon Lipstick
Coloressence Misty Maroon Lipstick



Whether I would recommend this product again?

Yes surely , I have already purchases it for two times .It is great product and good lipstick

Hope you all found this post useful.