Coloressence Pre Makeup Base Reviews

Coloressence Pre Makeup Base Reviews

Coloressence pre makeup base product reviews

Hi Beauties, How have you been doing? Makeup is something that we cannot avoid at least for big gatherings and parties. Let us face it girls, we need to have some basic know how to do party makeup. You actually cannot go about running to parlours for every occasion that crops up! Makeup is an art and there is a proper sequence of step wise product application that needs to be followed. After cleansing, toning & moisturizing, you need to prepare your skin to receive makeup by applying a pre makeup base or a primer. A pre makeup base helps your makeup stick on and stay better. It also eases out the blending of makeup really well.

Coloressence Pre Makeup Base
Coloressence Pre Makeup Base

Product description

This pre makeup base claims to create an illusion of reducing the pore size on your face. It also claims to give a base for an even & flawless base makeup. It helps your makeup last longer.

Directions for use

Apply on clean face with gentle massage before foundation and concealer

Coloressence Pre Makeup Base
Coloressence Pre Makeup Base


500 INR for 20 ml.. and that is a fairly less quantity. Does not really justify it’s price.


It comes in a Black and Green coloured tube which needs to be squeezed to dispense the product. There is a nozzle and cap on top of the tube.


It is in form of a clear gel that spreads well on skin to form a smooth, invisible layer.It even makes your facial pores appear less prominent.

Coloressence Pre Makeup Base
Coloressence Pre Makeup Base

Key Ingredients:

Vitamin E, wheat germ oil, dimethicone.

Pros of Coloressence Pre Make Up Base:

  • It is in form of a clear Gel that spreads with such an ease.
  • It is supposed to be suitable for all skin types. I have a combination skin that is fairly sensitive too but I have not experienced any rashes or breakouts.
  • The ingredient list seems to have some natural ingredients.
  • As compared to pre make base/ Primers from high end brands, it is cost effective.
  • Excellent product does what it claims.
  • It makes your facial pore size look shrunken at least while the makeup is on.
  • It is Odorless so, those with sensitive noses would love it.
  • It makes it easy for your concealer & Foundation to blend in easily.
  • This pre makeup base makes your makeup stay on for longer.
  • long shelf life
  • The ingredients like vitamin E and wheat germ oil are antioxidants and are good for skin.

Cons of Coloressence Pre Make Up Base:

  • It is not readily available in all cosmetic shops.
  • As per the price, the quantity of the product is less and you cannot expect more than 7 to 8 full face applications with this much quantity.
Coloressence Pre Makeup Base
Coloressence Pre Makeup Base

My experience with Coloressence Pre Make Up Base:

I would call it a lovely product that claims of doing just three, to the point things and actually does them. After using this pre makeup base, my base makeup actually lasted longer by at least 1 to 2 hours than it normally does. It was really easy to blend in my liquid foundation and concealer stick on the invisible canvas prepared on my skin by this pre makeup base from coloressence. There was no skin reaction and the product has no fragrance.

There is nothing I can actually complaint about the product apart from the fact that the quantity provided in this packaging is less for the price.



Whether I would recommend this product again?

Yes, I would repurchase it as even though, the price is on a higher side.. It is still lesser as compared to high end brands and the quality of this product is good. Coloressence pre makeup base is true to what it claims.