Dabur Almond Hair Oil Review

Dabur Almond Hair Oil Review

Dabur Almond Hair Oil Review – For damage free hair

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How’s your life going hope you all are good! Today i am going to review dabur’s almond oil. Almond oil is known for its multiple beauty benefits, so i decided to give this oil a try. Let’s see how this fared. In my last post i wrote about Fab India Vitamin e Depigmentation Cream , do read it.

Dabur Almond Hair Oil
Dabur Almond Hair Oil

Product Description of Dabur Almond Hair Oil

Get ready to give your crowning glory oodles of style, appeal and nourishment with Dabur’s latest natural wonder — Dabur Almond Hair Oil, a one-of-its-kind product that offers superior nourishment for 100% damage-free hair.

Dabur has combined the goodness of nature and scientific research to introduce Dabur Almond Hair Oil, a product that has twice the amount of Vitamin E as compared to well known almond hair oils and Almond Protein — vital nutrients known for hair health. Dabur Almond Hair Oil is, in fact, the only product in the almond hair oil category with Almond Protein.

Extensive consumer research has shown that Dabur Almond Hair Oil keeps hair silky, strong and 100% damage free. The oil penetrates deep into the hair instantly, providing intensive care without leaving a greasy feel.

Direction for Use

Not mentioned as such, but if you are using it for your hair treatment then all you have to do is massage it on your scalp, you can even leave it overnight

Dabur Almond Hair Oil
Dabur Almond Hair Oil

Shelf Life

Three years from the date of manufacturing

Price & Quantity

INR 108 FOR 200ml

Hair Type

No specific hair type mentioned


I hate every single thing about its packaging, it comes in this heavy glass bottle, which is easily breakable and it has a plastic cap, which is not at all tight and keeps on rotating. Overall the packaging is not at all travel friendly and you have to keep this bottle standing all times or there will be spillage of the oil

Dabur Almond Hair Oil
Dabur Almond Hair Oil


The texture is quite light and not at all greasy

Key Ingredients

Mineral Oil 74%, Vegetable Oil including Almond Oil 23%, Almond Protein Ester, Sugandhit Dravya, Vitamin E Acetate, Avobenzone, Antioxidant-TBHQ, C.I, 47000, 26100

Pros of Dabur Almond Hair Oil

  • Have multiple benefits
  • Affordable
  • Makes my hair healthy
  • Not at all sticky or greasy

 Cons of Dabur Almond Hair Oil

  • Has horrible smell
  • packaging
Dabur Almond Hair Oil
Dabur Almond Hair Oil

My Experience with Dabur Almond Hair Oil

Almond oil is very good for you hair also it helps your hair to grow faster. I use this oil as a moisturiser too, it moisturises quite effectively. I also use it for my dark circles, and in about two weeks i am kind of seeing visible results also it has promoted my eyelash growth. Sometimes when i run out of serum i used some drops of this oil, it does not make my hair look oily instead it makes my hair quite manageable. My mom swears by this oil, she uses it every night on her face s a moisturiser and she loves how her skin feels in the morning. Dry skinned beauties can totally use this as facial moisturiser; i won’t suggest oily skinned beauties to use it overnight as it may break them out. I have even used oil for the oil cleanse DIY and it did not break me out at all, i have oily and sensitive skin.

Rating for Dabur Almond Hair Oil


Minus one for the smell and the packaging

Whether I would recommend Dabur Almond Hair Oil again

Yes you should totally try this out.