Dabur Erand Tail Castor Oil Review

Dabur Erand Tail Castor Oil Review

Dabur Erand Tail (Castor Oil) – A Review

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You have always been concerned about two aspects. Our hair and skin! Healthy hair and skin has always been the sign of beauty. People have always been in look out for products which would nourish their skin and strengthen their hair. I am sure you must have tried many such products, be it hair oil, hair gel, conditioners, body lotions and what not! Some of them are real good while others are wastage of money. Some of them are even harmful. So, when it comes to choosing your hair and skin treatment product, you need to be 100% sure that you have opted for the right stuff. What about a single product which can be applied to both hair and skin and is equally nourishing to both of them? Well, there are few such products and in this article I am going to discus about one.

Dabur Erand Tail Castor Oil
Dabur Erand Tail Castor Oil
  • Dabur Erand Tail

It is a 100% Ayurvedic product made of natural ingredients. Being a “Dabur” product makes it reliable and trust worthy. Being made of natural ingredients this product has no side effects.

Product specification

This unique product has proved to be very effective for both hair and skin. Be it hair loss or providing your skin with the required nutrients, Dabur Erand oil is a product which is been trusted by many. The fact that it serves dual purposes makes more cost effective and popular. Though this oil is used for hair and skin nourishment, they also have numerous other uses; they are extremely effective to prevent fungal infections, they are very helpful to treat constipation and other kinds of digestive issues.

Dabur Erand Tail Castor Oil
Dabur Erand Tail Castor Oil


As mentioned earlier, Dabur Erand Oil is meant for your skin as well as your hair. I will try and give a detailed account on both of these aspects.

For Hair 

  1. Hair growth: The natural ingredients of this product help in growth of hair. They can repair the dead cells and make new hair appear on your head.
  2. Thickens hair: If your hair is at the verge of being thinning out, then it is the best time to use it. This oil will thicken your hair and would prevent the possibilities of hair loss.
  • Hair Loss: It is the ideal solution to the hair loss problem
  1. Removes dry hair: Dry hairs are the ones with dead cells; this oil removes dry hair and replaces them with fresh ones.
  2. Shiny hair: The presence of Castrol makes the hair look shiny and makes it healthier.
  3. Improves hair’s health: Putting together all the effects it has, it helps to improve the overall quality and health of your hair.
  4. For Skin
  5. Acne: This oil is highly effective for those who are suffering from acne.
  6. Wrinkles: Applying this oil on a regular basis will help to get rid of the wrinkles from your skin.
    Dabur Erand Tail Castor Oil
    Dabur Erand Tail Castor Oil
  • Natural texture: This oil helps to maintain the natural texture of your skin and prevents it from getting too much oily or dry.
  1. Eye lashes and eyebrows: This oil helps in the growth of eye lashes and eyebrows.
  2. Smooth: Applying this oil will make your skin soft and smooth.

    Dabur Erand Tail Castor Oil
    Dabur Erand Tail Castor Oil

Ingredients of Dabur erand tail castor oil 

Castrol is one of the main ingredients of this product, besides there are some other natural elements which are used

This is a unique product that serves multiple purposes and the best part is available at a very reasonable price in any Dabur store. Take care and let me know how you feel.