Dabur Sarson Hair Oil Reviews

Dabur Sarson Hair Oil Reviews

Dabur Sarson Hair Oil Reviews

Heyy Girlls….!!! 🙂

Dabur is one of the most trusted brand in India. We all might be having one or the other Dabur product in our house. Isn’t It??

And oils are also one of the most used products. You can use oils in multiple ways right for your diet as well as for your daily beauty regimen. And as far as my belief goes if you know the right technique of using this oils this will benefit you like anything. Thus, being a dry skinned girl’s oil must be staple in my daily skin care regimen. So, I started my hunt for beautifying oils and thought of why not experiment with one of the most used and loved product – mustard oil. So, when I thought of using oil on my face and skin who to be trusted other than Dabur and thus, here comes my review of Dabur Sarson Hair Oil.

Dabur Sarson Hair Oil
Dabur Sarson Hair Oil

Product description of Dabur Sarson Hair Oil

Dabur Sarson amla hair oil claims to be non-sticky perfumed hair oil with richness and goodness amla and mustard which makes the hair thick and more voluminous. The claims are tried & tested through consumer research.

Directions for use:

Just take a little quantity of mustard oil in your palm and apply it on your hair, knees or wherever you want. Alternatively, you can also apply the oil through cotton in case you don’t want to make your hands sticky.

Ingredients: Mineral oil, Vegetable oil including mustard oil & Amla extract, Sugandhit dravya, Antioxidant.


Rs. 46 for 190 ml.

Dabur Sarson Hair Oil
Dabur Sarson Hair Oil

Shelf Life:

18 months from the date of manufacture


The Dabur Sarson oil comes in a small plastic bottle which looks quite yellow from outside. The bottle appears yellow because of the yellow mustard oil. Mustard oil is naturally yellow in colour and thus the bottle appears quite yellow from a distance. The bottle is securely packed with a tight cap which prevents the oil from spilling out. Even if you turn the bottle upside down then also it will not overflow. So, Dabur you get a big thumbs up for that.


Mustard oil similar to other oils is quite liquid and runny in consistency. This makes it easier to apply. But the oil is heavier and thus is not quite easily blend able. You have to give it good time to get sink in completely. Also, being an oil it is sticky which makes me quite un-easy.

Dabur Sarson Hair Oil
Dabur Sarson Hair Oil

Pros of Dabur Sarson Oil-

  1. Reliable brand
  2. Affordable
  3. Readily available
  4. Pure form
  5. Can be used in multiple ways
  6. Packaging thoughtful
  7. Easier to blend
  8. Can be a part of many face and hair packs
  9. Requires very little amount
  10. Lasts long

Cons of Dabur Sarson oil

  1. Sticky
Dabur Sarson Hair Oil
Dabur Sarson Hair Oil

My experience with Dabur Sarson oil

This Dabur Sarson oil can be used in multiple ways. Following are some of the ways I use it.

  1. Use it as a body moisturiser, but it can only be effective if you have severely dry skin.
  2. Apply it on chapped lips overnight.
  3. Put a drop or two on your navel to get even smooth lips
  4. Apply on hair overnight to get luscious locks
  5. Apply on hair to get that rick dark black hair colour

Also, a very little amount is required with multiple uses. Thus, the product is going to last quite long. And at this price  the oil is quite economical.

Rating –


Whether I would recommend this product –

Yes, of course I would recommend this product. This oil has become my staple in my bathroom.