Davidoff Cool Water Shower Gel Review

Davidoff Cool Water Shower Gel Review

Davidoff Cool Water Shower Gel Review

Hey pretty ladies,

I am back with a fresh set of reviews for you all ! I hauled a bit of some quality, international brands since it was my brother’s marriage and a perfect  excuse to indulge in some shopping!! This one is a shower gel from Davidoff cool water range. I have reviewed the Davidoff cool water fragrance for women previously and liked the smell quite a lot so, went ahead and bought the Shower gel, too. Read on below for more details about the product..

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Davidoff Cool Water Shower Gel
Davidoff Cool Water Shower Gel

Product description

On the packaging itself, there is no particular description mentioned apart from the phrase” gentle shower breeze”. To describe the nature of fragrance, these words are actually enough as the fragrance is mild, refreshing and crunchy.


$22for 5Oz


It comes in a transparent tube that is slightly Blue tinged. The product details are printed on the tube in Silver colour and to be frank, they are not very readable due to faint contrast. The cap is flip open type and you need to press the tube in order to dispense the shower gel on your loofah.

Davidoff Cool Water Shower Gel
Davidoff Cool Water Shower Gel

Shelf life

1 year approx


Thick texture that is not runny and hence, the chances of wastage are quite less while you are trying to pour out the shower gel.

Davidoff Cool Water Shower Gel
Davidoff Cool Water Shower Gel

Key ingredients

Please refer to the image for complete list of contents

Davidoff Cool Water Shower Gel
Davidoff Cool Water Shower Gel

Pros of Davidoff cool water shower gel

  • The packaging is travel friendly as well as travel safe
  • Flip open cap us user friendly
  • See through tube allows you to see how much quantity of the product is left.
  • The consistency is not runny which prevents unnecessary spillage and wastage of product in shower
  • The fragrance is fresh and aquatic and pretty much suitable for both men and women.
  • It lathers quite well with a loofah
  • Cleans skin well getting rid of dirt and sweat
  • The fresh fragrances is retained by skin post bath for some time.
  • Full list of ingredients is mentioned on the tube packaging

Cons of Davidoff cool water shower gel

  • The product is expensive as compared to regular and even some good quality shower gels
  • The quantity of shower gel required for a single bath is quite a bit say nearly two tablespoons
  • There are no scrub beads like many other shower gels available out there in markets
  • There are no special ingredients for whitening or anything
  • The smell is retained by skin for only ten to fifteen minutes at max post bath
  • A long list of chemicals is mentioned on the packaging.

My experience with Davidoff cool water shower gel

In my opinion, the shower gel lathers well and even manages to clean your skin well and helps to get rid of dirt build up. The best part is of course, the fragrance which is very crisp, aquatic and unisex in quality. I do not find the fragrance leaning towards either floral or musky that is why, it can be used by both men and women.

It did dry out my skin a bit after using so, use of moisturiser is a must to avoid the uncomfortable stretchy feeling. After bathing, the fresh fragrance is retained by skin for a couple of minutes. I have not suffered break outs or any side effects as such. I feel a lot of quantity is needed for a single bath and overall the product does not turn out to be a cost effective one. It is more if a feel good thing but would make an excellent choice for a gift.



Whether I would recommend this product again?

Yes, I would recommend it at least once because, once in awhile, you should indulge in such luxuries, too. For a regular use, I suggest you go for routine body washes like Five, Palmolive etc that are cost effective and have a comparable and even better performance.